Nook’s Not Dead Yet

I’m back at the helm even though officially Nook is still on a summer break. I should have done a post sooner about our break. I just did not have the energy. I think I’m stronger now and it is easier to talk about some things. I’ve gone from two steps back for each step forward, to maintaining and running in place.  For those who don’t know I lost my husband a few months ago to an NSAID induced stomach bleed. He had refused narcotic medication to deal with his pain from an accident several years ago and took what he thought to be a safer over alternative. I can’t unsee those last few hours of me trying to keep him alive until help arrived, and of the rescue squad trying to bring him back to life. It  takes all my energy to reach a point each day where I can pause the mental equivalent of a full color video stuck on replay, so that I can get small things done.  The result being that I have been in now-you-see-her-now-you-don’t mode. Mostly you don’t.
I was not the only one that real life got too real for. One member was downsized out of her job.  Some had personal health crises, a couple more who are caregivers for elderly family members saw them through traumatic hospitalizations and are now helping them recover strength at home. One had a child undergo surgery to save a kidney. So the Nook has been empty and events were put on hold for the summer to give us all a chance to catch our breath.
All of this has set the stage for a situation the Nook gang has asked me to speak to. This is as much a talk to encourage them as it is to explain what is happening. While we were busy elsewhere, there has been an ongoing replication of the events we have come up with as unique ways to engage authors and readers: Our write-ins, The Everything Writing Chat, Author Balls, Flash Fiction Workshops and so on. All of those events replicated in a sort of Nook Nock-off appearing on some commercial grids. I’m not sure if there are still 3 or it is just the one being moved around. The event descriptions are worded so closely to ours that people think I have handed off the torch. Some thought the Nook members left the grid because I abandoned it and were holding their events elsewhere. Some just thought we put a clone of ourselves on other grids and were expanding.
The Nook members were all frustrated because we saw it happening but none of us was able to deal with it. In the past weeks, especially the past week, we’ve all been asked what was up by different people and the team said it was time to speak up. So here I am.
There is no copyright on events or ideas. Yes, anyone can create a perfect clone of our grid and we can’t stop it. I think it’s a waste of good energy to pay it any attention, but to clarify for those who were fooled or wondering:
1) I did not pass the torch.
2) We did not invite anyone to replicate our events for us elsewhere.
3) Nook is not dead. We’re not finished. We do not quit.
4) We hold Nook events at Nook and nowhere else. If we want to expand, we’ll add another server.
That said, I want to say to the Nook team. No one can replicate you, what you are about, who you are as a community, or your driving goal to have a hand and a voice in shaping the future of fiction. You have poured years of your lives into this goal and we are not done yet. No one can duplicate that.  When someone makes a Nook knockoff, that’s just them wanting to be the star of your party. The passion you pour into everything you do will always outshine that.
So we’re going to take a few more weeks to get ourselves together. All Nook events will resume at their regularly scheduled times in September.
We do, however, have one new feature launching outworld. Every Friday, starting this Friday, we will each blog about a book we bought that we think is worth the bucks. There will be a strong focus on indie authors, but it will not be limited to them. It will be limited to books we spend money on. Watch for us here and on social media. I will link to all the others participating when I make my post.

Edit: Forgot to say, Siobhan Muir made the lovely book graphic.



  1. Hugs and blessings, Nara. I'm so privileged to know you.

    1. Hugs back, Siobhan. Your friendship has helped me through some tough times over the years. Thank you.

  2. I'm not sure if I have understood everything correctly. Nara you have my sympathies. I wish you continued success.

  3. Thank you for this very personal, sad and yet hopeful comment which shows so much strength and will to look forward!
    I have been following your activities from far all the while, though I never appeared in person - your easiness with words, you passion for words are fascinating. I am a convinced writer (who often enough has written to survive) myself, but of course English is not my mother tongue which intimidates me somewhat.
    Having lost my long-time virtual partner, who became so much more real to me over the years as many a real life person I know, I have a notion of what you might be going through and want to send you my wishes:
    - power and strength
    - good friends to stand by you
    - wonderful books to sink into
    - anything else you might want
    Hopefully those wishes will come true.

    1. Thank you, Tosha. My heart broke for you when you lost your virtual partner. I have always admired your work in virtual and I wish I knew enough of your language to read your writing. Even though English is not your native language, you are certainly welcome to hangout with us at writer chats and events. We have all learned much from you and hopefully we can offer insights to a thing or two one of us might have to share about writing life.

    2. wb Nara and I am in awe of your strength as I have been going through some rl situations with my son and hospitals.
      I had noticed stuff replicating yours but no one can ever do that successfully...except you..I look forward to your complete return at Naras Nook...hugs caro

    3. Thank you, Caro. I hope all goes well with your son. My heart is with you.

  4. Losing anyone close to you in your life, especially a mate, is devastating and creates a serious detour along life's highway.
    You have my deepest appreciation for your sorrow. I know this is not something you can recover from, but you're doing great at just dealing with this much bumpier road until the highway presents itself again.

    Huge hugs and, best regards.
    AJ Fackler

  5. I am profoundly sorry for your loss, Nara and kudos for getting up each day and start planning stuff again!
    Not going out so much myself, I have nevertheless admired your work in virtual. I wish continued "All the best" to the Nook!

  6. OMG Nara what you have been through! Sending lots of love from my son and I. God bless you.

    1. Thank you, Christine. Hugs back at you and your son. Hope you both are doing well.


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