Writing Roadblocks: Recovering from Life's Left Hooks

Waiting for the words to come...

Sometimes life delivers a punch that knocks you flat and it’s hard to get your feet under you and get back to the writing again. I don’t talk much about my personal life. Mainly because writing about that includes people close to me and I don’t want to violate their privacy. This was particularly true of my husband. I sometimes wrote poetry about him, but never firmly defined who the poems were about or that they were anything more than fictional. That seemed a good way to process what I needed to process and shield him. In February his condition took a downturn and by the end of the month he was gone.

I’m not finding it so easy, but I am muddling through. I feel a bit like this tree—losing him hollowed me out. It amazes me that old oak still grows and sprouts leaves every spring. Proof it can be done I suppose. 

I don't know the steps you have to take to come back from this. Losing a spouse changes everything about your life. I think your art, the thing you create for the sheer love of it is always the way out of those dark places life dumps us in. At least it has worked for me in the past.

I am determined to fight my way back into something like a normal schedule this coming week. Yes, I do know I have said that a couple times. Progress is not as fast as I would like but it’s there and I keep taking the steps.

I had  book due out in Feb. I will make it a goal to have that up before months end. The release schedule should be back on track on the next couple of months. There is a new game and a new book mixed in with the re-release of books I’ve acquired my rights back to.

All virtual activities will resume on schedule this week.
* Hypergrid Nights on Wednesday evening at 6 SLT – we’re going to a birthday party and enjoying a little dancing.
* WIP this Sunday at noon SLT. If you want to hear about what has been happening with our Opensim in a browser experiments, be sure to be there.
* Everything Writing is on Monday evening, April 11th at 6 SLT.
* My next NPC workshop will be Sunday, April 17th at noon SLT.

 *Opensim Fashion Show will be April 23, noon SLT.

Not far down the trail from the first tree is this one.
 A hive of honey bees has taken up residence in the hollow. A little reminder that maybe you never completely fill the hole losing someone leaves, but eventually something new can grow there.