Back at the Keyboard Again

More accurately, I am back in production again. Writers never stop writing, but I did have to stop releasing books for awhile. My works in progress were tied to the Pantherian Tales series, Passions Portal, and the Games 4 Love series. The first few books in those series were all with the same publisher and that publisher was in trouble in a number of ways which brought books sales for many authors to a halt. With things going nowhere I requested rights be returned so I could find another publisher or re-release the books and continue the projects as an independent author.  Unfortunately, while I could write while waiting for rights back, publishing anything would have put me at risk of losing my chance to regain control of those works.

So I drafted new work for some 18 months and waited. The wait is over.  

The Tiger's Tale is up for sale again. Just click through the book page. to see the blurb and excerpt. You'll find a buy ling there. It should show up at the major e-tailers over the next few weeks.

In other news I've launched this:
Cover photo from my Flipboard Magazine 12-20-2015

Did you know authors are supposed to have a newsletter? I tried to talk myself into writing an email newsletter, but I just couldn't get excited about it. So I decided to go with a Flipboard magazine which I would enjoy writing for and curating. If you'd rather have content in email, you can always add your address in the subscribe box on the sidebar to have this blog's content delivered directly to you. There is an email subscribe link on the Nara Malone blog as well.

What you will find here:

* Articles about cutting edge storytelling
* Explorations in storytelling
* Reviews of intersting stories or games
* How storytelling is evolving
* Articles from the NarasNook.com blog
* Articles from NaraMalone.com blog
* Articles on Craft
* Adventures in the Next Dimension
* Information on my projects and books
* Story Inspiration in words, pictures, and virtual reality

Click the magazine cover to open it in your browser.
View my Flipboard Magazine.

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