Immersive Edge

I've been quiet on the blog lately. I've been working on getting my rights back to the all the stories I'd published. I've used that quiet time to build a platform in virtual reality from which we could have influence on the future of the book. Now I am back with the third hypergrid story team I've invited to tell a story with me. The talent pool working on this story is so deep you need scuba gear to read through the list of participants at the end. This time author Shannan Albright and I did the story and developed the protagonists together while this incredibly talented team of artists and virtual builders created the settings and cast of supporting characters. These are not avatars acting out a story, but virtual characters designed and scripted to play their roles on demand when readers appear on the sets. Readers are essential to  the characters finding  their way home to a happy ending.

I've also drafted about four or five other tales, so get ready to see those launching as I release the recovered stories and continue my experiments toward discovering the future of storytelling.

I'm excited to see what the future brings. Hope you are too.

~Nara Malone