Friday 55: Spotlighting

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I like keeping my secrets,
tucking my thoughts away.
It is so easy with you,
keeping my shades drawn.
I can listen, ask, and never tell.

But then in a moment,
a brief glance up,
I’m captive.
Your eyes search every shadow, every secret.
I freeze, hypnotized,
until you look down and set me free.

~Nara Malone


  1. This feels like the spotlight you can experience in a bright morning bathroom..when your eyes look up and catch themselves in the mirror..secrets always have a way of being untucked I suppose..wonderful write..

    1. Secrets exposed in the mirror, good point Jae. I imagine it's the secrets we keep from ourselves that are always hardest to see. It's usually in the mirror of another's eyes that I discover mine.Or sometimes when I see my poems reflected in another's mind.


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