Open-Carry: Unzipping the Metaphors

Warning:  This poem contains no language that can't be used on prim time T.V. but it discusses  the subject in a way that will make people uncomfortable. That's the point. It's also the point that what I say will get censored while flaunting guns in shops and restaurants has more legal protection than my right to protest. But if frank language about terrorists and muderers upsets you, don't read further.

He spent the morning photographing his penis collection,
lining them up on the table getting just right glint of light on the contours
and dramatic angle of cast shadows.

He did a selfie with two supersoak repeaters strapped across his chest. Another gazing down the shafts of two 57 mag  hand-jobs. He made videos, pontificating on who he planned to screw, how he'd make them drop to their knees and worship him.

He marched in an open-carry  rally at the waffle shop, showed all those keep-your-penis-zipped activists who the real men were.

He invited girls to admire his equipment but none seemed properly impressed, possibly because none of the penises he purchased came with balls.

An hour later, he dropped his selfie press kit in the mail slot at the local TV station and went off to drown kittens with his supersoaks. When someone tried to stop him he robbed the world of his magnificence by putting his penis in his mouth and pulling the  trigger.

~Nara Malone

Photo Credit: Super Soakers by Bastian at Flickr Photo Sharing.


  1. Unfortunately, the Imaginary Garden is a poetry site. I wish you well in your prose endeavours.

  2. Sorry, didn't know prose poems weren't allowed.

    1. I was following instructions in this prompt: "Write a poem for no prompt whatsoever. You may create your own stanza form, if you wish to or be quite contrary and throw form to the wind. Remember the basic precepts of the school of avant-garde art is to be innovative, ahead of your times, bold, courageous and visionary. "

  3. Wow, you just blended violence with sex in a very "in-your-face" way. Bravo, Nara. More people will be offended by the penis than by the guns it represents. And I didn't know poetry had to be smooth, rhyming, or have a certain meter. Just invoke images. Nicely done.

  4. Strong metaphor of the penis as gun in this violent leaning culture ~ I admire the message, courageous underneath the sexually explicit story ~ Thanks for sharing Nara & wishing you happy week ~

  5. Yikes, Nara--this is just awful (powerful). Agh. What happens is so terrible I do admire your bravery and your message, and the expression of it too. Thanks. k.


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