dVerse Dadaism: Do Accept My Apologies

Do Accept My Apologies

bill of complaint,
Air between them,
another question,
misspeaking her name
with dark eyes.

Are you so naive?
She might melt
grave repercussions.

~Nara Malone 

I picked an interesting night to jump back in at dVerse. We're playing with Dadaist poetry tonight. We're supposed to cut up a news article and pull the words from a paper bag to write a poem. I didn't have a newspaper, so I used a page from a lesson on editing. And rebel that I am, cutting up homework wasn't enough--I only followed some of the rules. It's okay, I'm pretty sure rule breaking was the point.  If you're feeling poetically rebellious, or would like to see what the other pots did, hop over to dversepoets.com and join the fun.


  1. fornicating another question...ha....what a phrase...
    but seriously misspeaking her name probably quenched any chance of a fire there...
    def think grave repercussions are in order

    1. I think repercussions are the silence that alllows us to complain out loud-you did that well here

  2. misspeaking her name is an inspiration towards life and the quenching thirst of graves.

    Beautifully and magnificent poem you wrote here. I love it! :)

  3. Whew! Perhaps those 'grave repercussions' deserve to be melted?

  4. Definitely breaking rules is the rule. Maybe that's my favorite part of Dada. Glad you're back for this, Nara.

  5. And what an outcome that can be, melting grave repercussions ~ Misspeaking her name, is another part I like too ~

  6. EXCELLENT. I love this: "She might melt grave repercussions." I'm always a fan of homophone play.

  7. I love this! I didn't see the prompt until fairly late in the day--so missed it--

  8. DO ACCEPT MY APOLOGIES i am commenting in dada with/on words from...(btw loved this. very cool dada)

    Californications like hot chilies hover o'er the graves as dark eyes speak Zombie invitations to live the twisted life of vineyards and napa wines as couples mingle tangled heart to ears and, though corny, valentines are popping out of their eyes and true love hip-hops to BeachBoy hits!

  9. Just what the prompt asked for and more!

  10. I can understand why misspeaking one's name can be met by grave repercussions. I like that word play there. :-)

  11. yes - i think rule breaking is def. allowed when it comes to dada poetry... misspeaking her name probably not...oy...smiles

  12. Suffered a little in the past where old boyfriends, lovers, old husbands put masks of their faces on my body as I did the lovemaking, but got none of the credit. Dada is def a bitch that begs for unconventional forms of carnal communication; loved your audacious take on the prompt.

  13. Rule-breaking is definitely the name of the game here... I love the idea of 'fornicating another question'. Isn't it fab what unusual word combinations we get with this random exercise?

  14. To follow only some of the rules strikes me as plainly dadaist! And grave repercussions are undoubtedly deserved.

  15. I really want to read the original text on text editing.. so far I had not thought fornicating would be included in such a text.. but I love rule breaking..

  16. love the last phase...interesting :)

  17. Your way of breaking the rules is beautiful Nara!


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