More Tour Fun at Total Eclipse and Selkie Island

Tour stop for today is Total Eclipse Reviews. Stop by to see what deep dark secrets I reveal about myself and my newest novel, Make Me Wet. Sign up to win prizes and books. When you're done with all that you can drop by Selkie Island at Nara's Nook and hang out with handsome selkie Ronin. He's a great listener. Look in the cave near Ronin and find a selkie avatar to discover what it is like to shift between being human and seal. Explore the magical playground under the water.

If you're new to virtual worlds you can find instructions on logging in for the first time here. If you're an experienced hypergrid traveler you want to head to world.narasnook.com:8900:Selkie Island


News from the Tour

Maybe one day publishers will treat romance authors like rock stars. Until then I do the best I can.

Like my tour bus?

This week I'll be cruising to a blog near you. Drop in and see what juicy details the interviewers pry out of me. Check out the giveaways for books and prizes. Hope to see you there.

April 29 Interview
Eclipse Reviews

April 30 Interview
Author Karen Swart

May 1 Spotlight
Behind Closed Doors

May 2 Interview and review
Butterfly-o-Meter Books


Road Trip Update: Red Roses for Make Me Wet

I found a lovely review from Farrah Sayyed over at the Imagine a World Blog this morning: "Sweet, steamy, and a lovely paranormal romance, Make Me Wet was a wonderful read."

You can find the rest of the review here, plus excerpts and details on how to enter to win prizes and books.

Wishing everyone a lovely Wednesday.



Now Touring: Make Me Wet

Nothing says summer like a road trip and some time at the beach. While spring is still making up its mind about whether it'll put in appearance this year, I'm going to start acting like it's summer. From now until July 4th I will be touring my selkie tale, Make Me Wet--talking selkies, kelpies, beach life and writing life. I'll be giving away books and prizes so check in every week and comment at the sites where I post for your chance to win. 

To celebrate the launch of my tour I'm author of the week on the Buy a Book Tell a Friend blog.

Below is the list of Virtual Tour stops Bewitching Book Tours arranged for me this week. I hope to see you all out there on the virtual highway.

My planned stop on this week's virtual road trip are listed below. Hope to see you all there

April 21- May 19

April 21 Guest blog--Talking about how I found inspiration for Make Me Wet on Chincoteague Island.

Erotica For All

April 22 Spotlight
Lisa’s World of Books

April 23 Spotlight and review
Imagine a World

April 24 Spotlight
Sapphyria's Steamy Book Reviews 

April 25 Interview
Darkest Cravings - Adult Blog