Lover's DIY Photoelectric Coloring Book

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Light Emitting Source--this would be me, cuz that magic you do with your fingers gets me glowing.

Metal Rod--this would be you, cuz I have an alchemical tongue-twisting technique for turning your rod to steel.

Applicable Theory:

When the source luminance exceeds the threshold frequency of the receiving pole, said conductor will emit, eject, discharge light. Source and conductor thus form a wave particle-duality filling intimate space with electric primaries of blue, pink, and green.


1) Commence amplifying glow and transmuting flesh to steel.

2) Position source directly over receiving conductor.

3) Direct manipulation of electric contact amplifies effect.

4) Alteration in amplitude and wavelength induces emission changes in receiver/ejector.


Flick her switch and she'll wrap your single pole in a magnetic double throb that will light you up like a Tesla coil.

~Poem by Nara Malone
Photo by Casey Yee on Flickr

This little light festival for lovers is my response to dVerse Poets Color Festival prompt tonight. Drop by to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.


  1. oha... you know... a minute ago i was death tired... electricity... is fascinating...ha... smiles

  2. Ah.. what a perfect application of science lingo.. and the metaphors of steel and flesh... hidden lushfullness in those apparent particle dualism...

  3. Whew, that is sensuality at its best.

  4. solid steel....hahahahaha...umm
    glowing here
    with potential energy....
    thinking i need a trip to the supercollider

  5. Science and sex, what a potent combination ~ Love the write ~

  6. Your words made me think of fireworks!

  7. Do you write medical or government brochures in your spare time? This thrust of sensual double-speak, mantled in techno-babble, is delicious, brilliant, hilarious, arousing, and funnier than a politician trying to honestly answer an interviewer's question; 5 stars bright, out of 5; excellent titillation, incredibly creative take on the Hilo festival color prompt.

  8. Colorful, indeed! A great new take on the electric slide ;-)

  9. Definitely a unique take on the old scientific analysis of sex--sensual (and fun).

  10. This was fun ... it's cool that you have no inhibitions ... more (electrical) power to you :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  11. Ah...Scientists in Love.....always wondered what that intense couple were talking about in their white coats and specs over a milk shake at the corner table:)

  12. Very funny take on it all! Thanks, Nara, for spicing things up. K. (Manicddaily.wordpress.) k.


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