Binary Man

Like frozen embers spit from a fire
Like snow in a desert
They're an impossible merger

Flesh heart synced to beating algorithm
Liquid crystal eyes locked
On shared solitude

Solitary companionship
Impossible merged
Forged in a pixel fire.

There's no happy ending waiting.
No magic to make him real
She doesn't want real

She wants him.

~Nara Malone

I read an article about a guy who was growing a friendship with a scripted digital girl in a game. He talked about her like she was better than real. The male in these pictures is Rob, a digital man I made as part of research for a story. I guess that makes him an object, a thing. He feels like more than that. Not better than real, but more fun than I expected. With only minimal skills I made a digital being others enjoy interacting with and talking to. His AI scripts learn from the interactions. It makes you wonder what the future will bring.

This post is my contribution to G-Man's Friday 55 and dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar. Drop by to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.


  1. this makes me think of that movie that is coming out about the guys relationship with the AI on his phone. she doesnt want real she wants him. its a little haunting to retreat so fully into that fantasy...wow...play that out a few tech generations and this could get really interesting...

  2. Digital can only go so far ~ I think its more to do with dealing with real life challenges ~ But who knows what the future can bring ~ Happy Friday ~

  3. An amazing concept, Nara. The future definitely seems like the stuff of science fiction! Mixed blessing, I think.

  4. have you seen the movie Her yet? Joaquin Phoenix does an amazing job in the role. Your pen reminds me of the film ~

  5. Nara Malone...
    What a treat you are!
    You always paint such a fine line between Digital and Reality
    that sometimes the line is invisible!
    Loved your Prediction 55
    Thanks for playing, thanks for returning just in time to take the edge
    off of my Nara Addiction...Have a Kick Ass Week End

  6. Yes, your popem does remind us of the new movie HER; because it poses a lot of serious questions about the early stages of a new relationship; it is just a matter of time before Artificial Systems become sentient,& because they function at cyber-fast speeds, they will eclipse our simple minds, & out of boredom, move on to other demensions.

  7. I'm sure many people are already living a life of seclusion from the real world due to computers, gaming, etc. Kind of sad, really.

  8. It's the most life changing object in generations....just hope digitized life will evolve into something more substantially socially redeeming ;)

  9. she doesn't want real, she wants him... makes me cringe a bit...we want things to be calculable and foreseeable - and miss out on so much... cool write...cool thoughts

  10. You have painted a modern, yet, sad tale here! I wonder how many people love this kind of fantasy.

  11. Solitary companionship... what sort of a relationship is that? There won't be any happy ending... and how many people stay like this in the real world, aspiring for the fantastical aspect of the partner... forgetting the reality of him/her.
    Thoughtful writing.

  12. Wow! Nicely penned, Nara. I do find it a bit sad, though, that people lose real human contact. No, I find it tragic.

  13. Oh this was fantastic.. and a pole-dancing man.. that's for sure a great thing... sounds like hard to find in reality...but to be obsessed with virtual persons is a risk we have.

  14. A tad creepy wanting digital versus real but that's what drew me in. Very interesting poem.


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