More Than or Less Than?

Autism by hepingting on Flickr Photosharing
 Age 2
Diagnosis: Autistic
Translation: Less than
Prognosis: Will always need care.
Oblivious of doctors, he cracked the Youtube lock on Mom's phone. Kept hitting song replay.
Lyrics: I Get You and You Get Me.

Age 3
Re-evaluation: Genius
Translation: More than.
Cracked code on reading/writing. Does second grade math.
Mom's phone chirps, "Oh no! Zombies ate your brains."
He giggles.
They still don't get him.

~Nara Malone

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  1. Nara...
    What a creative and clever story once again!
    There is incompetence in all fields of science and education
    Loved your diagnostic 55
    Thanks for playing
    You always tickle my fancy
    Have a Kick Ass Week End My Friend.... G

  2. Ha, I have heard of things like this happening more than once. Clever '55!

  3. This is perfect, Nara..it really expresses how labels are meaningless, how difference is in the eye of the beholder, and how valuable it is in and of itself, to be different and also to be loved. I have a grandson on the autism spectrum, and this reminded me of him and his devilish smiles.

    1. Hugs to you and that sweet boy, Hedge. And labels are exactly what I was going after.

  4. Labels… I suppose some need it so they can get assistance in school… It breaks my heart, true autism. But some seem to be labeled so early on - and I know of a couple who "grew out of it"… ?

  5. This is wonderful! I hate when children aren't allowed to live up to their potential.

  6. The biggest problem with labels is how often they are wrong.

  7. Outstanding! Those labels...you're right, too often they translate down to more than or less than. I used to work in the special education field, and saw many sad examples of this. Yet, I've seen the opposite too, children who never got the help they needed because parents refused to have a label attached to their child.

  8. the bairn a beauty thing... in a child

  9. Oh, this was awesome, Nara! No matter what, he knows who he is. :)

  10. Interestingly most schools fail with either label

  11. Ah, labels. I always ignore them. Excellent write.

  12. This is spectacular - and yes, your blog is truly beautiful!


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