The Thinker's Cure

red lips isolated in white

When you're eaten up with things to do
When elegant brilliance leaves
hungers unfilled
When your heart has a head cold

I want to be a naughty smile

Sneaking up on you
getting wedged between
contemplations of
immaculately empty dreams
risk-analysis of ascending trusts

making you
lose your lists
of logistical etceteras
get lost
in the sway of hips
beating like a rhythmic sea
against reality's shores

Unraveling dark-knit ponderings
one lick at a time
erecting a problem-solution
to clear your head
in the sweep of saucy tide
swallowing sorrow

And then I want to be...

that last drop
on the corner
naughty and Your smile

~Nara Malone

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  1. Heart with a head cold..can relate..i love the almost subliminal imagery inserted (so to speak) throughout..good to see you back at Sunday Scribblings..

  2. Oh this is really good...hot and cool... really worth reading..

  3. ha. hot. i def need that kind of distraction when the world is crashing in on me...the to do list...i came face to face with that stress last week...def coulda used that...smiles.

  4. Nice. I like it. Sensuous and very well-penned. :-)

  5. this was made more sensual by your avoiding the explicit and embracing the subtle --
    nicely done

  6. loved the teasing sensuality of this poem..the delicious invitation to awaken from the mundane..expertly done

  7. The best way to be, screw all around you, just screw around lol

  8. I'm thinking of Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing here! Nice conjur.

  9. I enjoyed this. I love the idea of becoming that naughty smile that disrupts the work that has to be done and brings pleasure in its place!! Cleverly contrived!

  10. You used "lick," "erecting," "head," and "swallowing" all in the same stanza, and never became nearly as explicit as a Viagra commercial on prime-time network TV. That's craft!

  11. haha....oh not a bad way at all to defeat stress you know...swallowing sorrow...made me smile... it certainly gives some good relief..smiles

  12. I enjoyed the tone of your poem! "making you lose your lists of logistical etceteras" - very clever and effective line!

  13. Whoa! This is hot! LOL@ I love the words: heart with a head cold. LOL!

    I am a belly dancer attempting flamenco. I find such music in these words, and that always attracts me to poetry.

    Very nice.

    Lady Nyo

  14. Several unique phrases--particularly like the imagery of "dark-knit ponderings...."

  15. Loved this-- just delicious! lol I don't know if it's because I'm also a belly dancer, but I agree with Lady Nyo-- the line "heart with a head cold" completely undid me. ;)

  16. Clever writing, Nara - and who could resist an offer like that?

  17. Love the passion in your words. How fun to be someone's distraction, right? Or to have someone to do the distracting :)


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