Turning Tide



Surf's almost up Sugar
Let's catch these last curls
Toes to nose

Schwack-pumping juicy waves
Tubed in tandem
Banging the backside of life

Carve-ripping the caves
Into acid-drop nose dives
No worries for the future

Let's cruise it 'til we lose it
Get hell-munched
Peeled and shredded, until...

Nothing matters but us
Going frothy
Two rag dolls pasted to the shore

~~Nara Malone

This was originally written for Sunday Scribblings and then later tweaked because the theme that day just didn't quite fit where I wanted this to go. Tonight I'm sharing with dVerse Poets Pub. Go here to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.


  1. Sharp and savvy; well done...

  2. ha. i would love to learn how to surf like that...i have done more earth bound carving on a skateboard...would be cool to share that tube...like that last line...worn out but loving it....smiles.

  3. I have seen surfers, have admired them from afar, but would never be brave enough to surf. You write as if you KNOW...and have. "Going frothy" must be SUCH a good feeling.

  4. Love the surfing metaphors (it's an addiction too!) to describe that relationship that can exhilarate, thrill and knock the hell out of in almost the same way. Well done!

    1. ehrrr.. should read "out of you"..fingers not as fast as once they were!

  5. So sensual and tactile... great imagery all the way through!

  6. giving oneself into the waves and surfing them til exhaustion and nothing else matters... for me this speaks of living life full speed no matter how bad it may play on us...well penned nara

  7. I stopped at the headline and missed the returns returning I found the words were as alluring as the headline too.

  8. "Two rag dolls pasted to the shore" is a pretty good last line--interesting image.


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