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Sexy sexy sexy

Some are flashers
waving their loaded weapon
wide-eyed attention
makes it stand proud

Some prefer concealment
secret power
dramatic reveal
the rush of new respect

But all guns
a holster
a tight embrace

leather, latex, silky heat
whether they ease in
or slam home...

once holstered
velvet squeeze
fingering hair-trigger

yes, then
every gun craves
prays for

gun control

~Nara Malone

On April 16, 2007 a mentally ill boy came within a few seconds of blowing a hole in my life that I would never have recovered from. He came within seconds not once, but twice. I don't have the heart to write about that. If I've crossed a line here, I apologize. I needed to shoot back.

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  1. hahaha...we have the same title today...but vastly different subjects...oh to control that gun and let that moment stretch out a bit longer...ha

  2. That must have been very frightening, Nara. I appreciated your perspective.

  3. That must have been quite an experience ~ I don't understand this as in Canada we have very strict gun laws ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  4. Must have scared the tar out of you. I am all about banning them and can't understand why we feel we must act like cowboys out in the wild west. Nice tight write Nara

  5. I think it's fantastic you could take the experience and approach it in such a fierce and erotic write. To embrace the words and let them flow...I think we all agree more control is needed...some just have to get out of their own way to realize it. And, I may be wrong...but I read this with a vicious and condescending sneer towards he who holds the gun...we know where that kind of control comes from...

    1. You read right. Thanks for understanding.

  6. Love the word play... gun control debates are gonna make me giggle now.

  7. wow...glad you made it. I hope writing about it helps you.

  8. That's scary to imagine what you must have gone through... so glad you're okay! I do like the metaphor here...

  9. Whoa = well, I took this as mainly a tongue-in-cheek rather sensual poem, but I am very sorry for your experience. I just can't understand the gun culture - even people not mentally ill can be hot-headed capable of doing something that they would very much regret.

    This is a very clever poem though. So crazy what life presents us. Thanks. k.

  10. haha...smiles..now that is a man who has this gun well under control...smiles

  11. wow...ha ha ha....this is so much fun...is it cool to refer to myself as a loose cannon? (on a serious note- being shot at,must have been terrifying)

  12. Excellent use of metaphor here, Nara. On a side note, what a horrifying experience that must have been. I am so glad you are alright.


  13. I'm glad you're ok. Love the poem. I hope along with reasonable gun control we also address the need for mental healthcare.

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