Rope Burns (erotic poem)

owned_final copy

I burned them
untying each knot
lining them up in tidy rows
on soot-stained hearth
an addict cutting lines.

my drug
red lines of jute
mirrored in flame
gone to ash.

I prowled the years
listening to the soft creak and moan
of foundation shifts
and memories

like old rope tracks
secret marks
collaring ankles
crossroads between breasts
between thighs
sculpted impressions
refusing to fade.

Rope fingers
phantom limbs
teasing secret spots
making pussy glisten with tears
my eyes refuse to shed.

Knotted cords glide
whiskery threads licking
fingers retracing invisible tracks
pinching the craving from puckered nipples
working the feverish burn from quivering lips
rereading love stories written
in shibari-Braille

immersed in fantasy
nostrils flare
drinking in musky male
tongue twitching against tang
achy knot bathed
in heat of his release

I lock in the past
with eyes squeezed shut
one hand fisted against the burn
heart clamped in his jute fingers
I come

~Nara Malone


It's been a long time. I was starting to think I didn't have a poem left in me. My contribution to dVerse Poetics. Click through to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.


  1. well we are glad you found one left in you...whew...what can i say...intense...with tears
    my eyes refuse to shed...wow...what a release there in the end...you dance the words so seductively nara....

  2. very intense and lots of emotions in this...the burning of the ropes, locking in the past, the addict cutting lines...tightly written

  3. My alter-ego and I love the sensual write, specially the last two stanzas ~

    (aka Heaven)

  4. Wow, what a write. That last stanza...hot as they come! Glad you found another poem in you!

  5. It appears you had one in you, and it was ready to explode! Because it did! Awesome write, Nara!

  6. Wow very intense...steamy and all that jazz...awesome!

  7. I love that. Intense, emotional, beautiful.

  8. Phew... talk about hot, or what.
    Yes, you sure had one left in you... good to see you again :)
    As good as being as baddddd as ever ;)
    RYN: Yes, we bought one of those pine tree fragrant car freshener things you hang from your rear mirror, tied it to one of the tree branches and it gets put away with the tree each year. Always open the box and the first thing we smell is that fresh smell. :)

  9. Oh, my... too bad my husband's out of town.

  10. Nara--this is fantastically hot...

  11. Ha! Very well-realized. You bring up the difficulty of suppressed emotion and how people get it out. k.

  12. wow, very hot, passionate, intense. The heat can be felt here. So glad you could join us for Poetics tonight. Excellent poem. Thanks

  13. ..i will echo the early birds here...yes, you poem's smashingly hot and sensual... not my usual genre/interest in poetry but still i enjoyed your offering... smiles...

  14. I swear my screens smoking after that :-)


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