Cybering ( #dversepoetics #cybersex )

Canon Love

He came in a plain text wrapper
Not the sort of package to turn her head
No warning that the contents could turn her inside out
Turn life upside down

Romance repurposed
Thrust her through the portal
Plunged by a double click
Into unreal realities

Garbed in boolean doublespeak
Veiled in fifty layers of intrigue
Bound by neurotronic entanglement
Resistance was futile

Pillow talk encoded in binaural beats
Texted breadcrumb trails between souls
Sexted intimacy
Emotion embedded in the vibrations of their cells

Love's illusions fashioned from ones and zeroes...
Can it ever rise above a zero sum?
In cyber everything is a lie
and nothing is.

~Nara Malone The prompt for Poetics today is change. Click through to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.


  1. great closure with a good question as well...the cyber world is like a jungle sometimes...and who can be really sure what is true and reality.. great lines in here...my favs (next to the great closure)...
    Pillow talk encoded in binaural beats
    Texted breadcrumb trails between souls...

  2. it is easy love to be found in the cyber world, of course dont confuse it with reality...which is hard because emotions become attached to the falsehood and then you are in real trouble...guess it happens IRL as well but....really nice fluidity to your words as well...

  3. I like the cyber word terms, then the inevitable crash, was it real or not ~ Intriguing take but I like to validate things in real life ~

    Happy New Year ~

  4. Witty and wise. Not easy to achieve; very nicely handled.

  5. very geeky and enjoyed for more than the references..thanks..having crossed the country thrice for such relationships, I understand..even before all the mobile phones.

  6. Wow "In cyber everything is a lie and nothing is." That strikes me as quite profound. I think a lot of people succumb....and definitely such relationships change a person. Some even turn out NOT to be 'illusions.' Happy New Year to you.

  7. Gee--I hope this isn't true of cyber friendship as well as love. Well extended metaphor. K.

  8. Witty and cool write. Happy New Year :)

  9. Such an interesting allure leading up to a sad ending in reality. Well crafted piece.

  10. Nara I like this a lot My favorite line was "texted breadcrumb trails between souls," because that is what texting feels like to me crumbs of a person, conversation, a moment but never the whole.

  11. "Texted breadcrumb trails between souls" very cool... loved the last stanza!

  12. love's illusions fashioned from ones and zeros.
    I love your extensive metaphor here, Nora.
    My first time to your blog, it is quite enticing.
    Happy New Year!!

  13. Really enjoyed this...certainly relevant to the times..best beware.

  14. Firstly, apologies for my tardiness!and secondly, happy new year!...great narrative in this that opens up some challenging questions at the ends. Indeed, what is real in cyberspace....as you say it can be both real and unreal...strange in't it


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