Working Girls

Working girl ??

Warning!!! Graphic language ahead. Those offended by such should not proceed.

Going solo
behind the dust jacket
fingers tapping
forbidden places
probing the g-spot
that turns
midlist hookers to
class act pick-ups
at the Big Apple pubs

visions pile up
bleed away
overdressed wet dreams
stripped down to naked desire
silken sentences
poetic frills
ripped away
as release approaches

on display
spread for your viewing pleasure
they come
in multiple
hard covered
pulp pressed
digital ease

flavored and fetished
to suit every taste
sex tension hookers
positions pimped
sales ranked
by best yank
fame and fortune bestowed
by glide of plastic through slit

Practiced practice yields
prose pros
putting out daily
pumping out reams
of smash words
bitcoin exchange for bits
of sex with soul
hoping for bigger
piece of pie
giving out quickies before they're hot
grab one while the word fucks are free

They learn not to:
note cut of eyes
hear wag of tongues
feel critics fangs
crave taste of success
while growing craft
seeking to sink
to new levels
of naked
while they get so good
at being bad


Happy first birthday, dVerse. Thanks for giving me a place to play with words.


  1. Urban erotic feel, like a pro. Great wordplay.

  2. From one Working Girl to another - Way fun! Wickedly creative! Granted I'm not in your league, but I'm doin' what I can.

  3. heck yeah....haha...love the blend of writing and well the much more erotic....you do leanr to get good at it...hone in on the spots that send shivers....delicious bits here...smiles.

  4. Pheeeew Hot spots and G spots anddddd spots before the eyes, drops of sweat.
    Cold shower here I come...lol
    Fantabulous, erotic write ;)
    Positively sizzling!

  5. Awesome word play, and fine innuendo. Well done. :D

  6. made me smile and full of wicked wordplay -
    sex tension hookers... LOVE that line!!!

    good times :D

  7. Hi Nora - I love all the parts about prose pros - this wonderful sex writing novistry? novel industry? word/sex machine. Very interesting. k .

  8. I like the naughty bits....
    "prose pros
    putting out daily
    pumping out reams
    of smash words"

    there is certainly an association of release and perhaps even a post coital(uhhh, whatever term works for writing here..HA)solitariness ......clever as well as suggestive on several levels...off for a smoke now

  9. A sexy use of words! I really enjoyed this. "prose pros" I loved this line.

  10. Entendre nous! Clever and tantalizing. ☺

  11. Loved the tension here, the heat of it.

  12. I like the passion and heat here..specially the last two stanzas ~


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