Knowing You

60/365: Silhouette...

How do I know you? I have my own way.
I know you by height and width and shape
That negative space outline your body fills
I know you by the way your hair goes to curls in the rain
 Misbehaving brown corkscrews shot with gold
And by the lilt your tongue gives certain vowels when you’re aroused
Or the rickety clack your tone takes when you’re annoyed
I know you by the company you keep
Ragged men with ragged souls
I know you by the places you haunt
Junkyards of lost causes that you find new uses for
I can’t wax poetic about a blue-eyed devil or patrician nose or chiseled jaw
I can’t picture a face
But I know you on the inside
That when you  walk through a door  I’ll feel the sun rise inside me
I know you are the only one who makes me feel an inner sun
And despite all the times a haircut or a new hat  or a cold in your head
Tricks me into thinking I don’t know you
 I believe that if one day we met on level  ground
As spirits rather than bodies
I would  know you
Because I know you from the inside out
I know you by heart


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Finding Free and Legal Images for Your Blog

Burning Candle image by Nara Malone

Recent trouble for authors over the use of images for blogging has everyone taking a second look at their images. Don't panic. You don't need to delete your Pinterest account or have a plain text blog. You should ensure that the content you're sharing is legally licensed for you to use. If it's not, there are places to get free, beautiful images.

Images on your blog:

The Creative Commons Search engine is my favorite tool for finding free content to use in my blog posts. I usually click the box that says search for content that can be used for commercial use. Even though I'm not selling anything with my blog posts, if I use content licensed for commercial use I'm covered on all angles. I stick with image searches at Flickr or Wikimedia Commons because the license is right on the image page for me to verify. I particularly like Flicker because they make it so easy to copy the code to paste right in the blog with everything linked and credited.

Another simple way to get content is to make your own images.  You see a lot of avatar art on my blog because it's easy for me to make, and I hold license to it, so I can use it how I like.  It serves double duty in that images and video I capture when I'm in a virtual world can be used in trailers and other promotional material. Feel free to take all the pictures and video you want in any of my virtual worlds. You can get to them by clicking the Nara's World tab in my navigation bar. I'll look into a way to share my virtual world art for reuse, probably through my Deviant Art account.

There's always your own camera. Think about contributing content with a CC license when you do take photos and post them online. The more we all contribute to the community pool of images, the better the selection will be. Just be sure that if you post or share an image with a recognizable person, that you have the subject's permission to use it.

Images on Pinterest: 

The safest images to post are ones you took or made yourself.  Many of the images on my Pinterest boards fall into that category.

Sites like Deviant Art, where many artists have tools that make it easy for you to share their posts on Pinterest or provide embed tools to share on your blog (as below), are another safe bet.

Firebird by ~Tanathiel on deviantART

If you see an image with no share tool, even if that same artist has shared everything else in their portfolio, don't share it.

You can install a Pinterest share button in your browser and share content from websites that way, but I think that's where everyone gets into trouble. It's fine to share content from your blog that way, but for anything else you need permission.

What about re-pins? That's a good question. I had assumed everyone was sharing legal content, so I know I have to go back through re-pins and follow all those links to the original sites. If there are no share buttons or CC licenses in plain view, that content, no matter how yummy, is going to have to come down. Fore future re-pins, check the originating site before you pin them.


Tell Me No


Warning!!! Naughty thoughts ahead. If you don't like sex in your 55, don't continue.

No is a wet word
You deliver it dry
You say don’t dare
cuz You know
I‘ll dare

And then
I’ll be
in trouble
pretend repentant

Say it
But make it drip
Make me
Punish me

Make me
say sorry
Write it
100 times
in sticky trails
across satin sheets


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Working Girls

Working girl ??

Warning!!! Graphic language ahead. Those offended by such should not proceed.

Going solo
behind the dust jacket
fingers tapping
forbidden places
probing the g-spot
that turns
midlist hookers to
class act pick-ups
at the Big Apple pubs

visions pile up
bleed away
overdressed wet dreams
stripped down to naked desire
silken sentences
poetic frills
ripped away
as release approaches

on display
spread for your viewing pleasure
they come
in multiple
hard covered
pulp pressed
digital ease

flavored and fetished
to suit every taste
sex tension hookers
positions pimped
sales ranked
by best yank
fame and fortune bestowed
by glide of plastic through slit

Practiced practice yields
prose pros
putting out daily
pumping out reams
of smash words
bitcoin exchange for bits
of sex with soul
hoping for bigger
piece of pie
giving out quickies before they're hot
grab one while the word fucks are free

They learn not to:
note cut of eyes
hear wag of tongues
feel critics fangs
crave taste of success
while growing craft
seeking to sink
to new levels
of naked
while they get so good
at being bad


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Attaining Impossible Dreams


If you're going to dream, dream big, right? I have have a pretty big dream. Some might say it's impossible. I view it as a quest, my call to adventure. I'm at Rachel Leigh's today talking about my journey toward the dream and the levels I've attained in pursuit of that dream. Drop buy and tell me about your impossible dream.


Blind Heat Tour and Giveaways

I'm taking Blind Heat on the road-- the virtual road, of course. Drop by and see what secrets these clever interviewers have pried out of me. Leave comments to be entered  in drawings for books, video games and gift cards. I look forward to seeing you all there :)

I'll be blogging here:

July 16:  Rachel Leigh
July 17:  Queen of the Night Reviews
July 18:  Wickedly Sexy Writers
July 19:  Wickedly Wanton Tales
July 20:  Ramblings From This Chick
July 23:  Novel Reflections
July 24:  Melissa Keir's Blog
July 25:  Delighted Reader Book Reviews
July 26:  Erotica For All
July 27:  Erzabet's Enchantments

Blind Heat will be reviewed  here:


Blind Heat Trailer

I finished the trailer for Blind Heat last night. I used machinima to make the trailer and it was quite a challenge. I'm sure the machinama pros don't waste the time I did crawling through bushes trying to get shots of a free roaming leopard. Nor do they have their weather machines get carried away and douse the sim in fog and snow while they spend an hour trying to turn it off. But I bet they don't have as much fun as I did making this. I hope you enjoy the end product. Even if you don't, I bet you'd enjoy the novel.


Blind Heat (Pantherian Passions, Book Two) [Kindle Edition] )


Knowing by Heart and Giveaway

Today I'm talking about face blindness, how my personal experiences compare with the heroine's in my newest novel, Blind Heat. I discuss learning how to see with more than your eyes, and learning to recognize people by who they are rather than what they look like--knowing by heart.

 I'm also giving away a copy of TheTiger's Tale, first book in the Pantherian Passions series. More here...


Power Down

Rain Dance

1.  Power Lined

We’re playing a duet with the storm.
Laptop keys chatter. Hail hammers roof.
Lightning flashes. CRT  flickers.
Thunder boom plays backup to exploding cars on TV.

Your face illuminated in  glow of tablet  screen.
Lips pursed, fingers skimming glass, a rapid flick and swipe.

We’re plugged in. Wired in.
Net Worked. Net Flicked.
Two fish netted in a parallel solo that masquerades as duet.

2. Blacked Out

The storm is almost spent when the room goes dark.
Screens fade to black with a crackle and hiss.

I listen to the silence, as do you, contemplating the stretch of hours. Mind a wordless blank, dredging for topics to block out the deafening  silence.

Thrumming rain replaces hail.
Liquid beat easing the bite of mind-candy withdrawal,
inviting memories of life before the power line.

3. Body Talk

You’re unbuttoning, hips grooving with the rain.
“Do you remember?” Followed by sly smile.

I do.

Jeans a  tangled blue puddle by the kitchen door.
Holding hands.
Stepping into the rhythm of the rain. Our time machine.

Circling. Splashing. Licking.
Fingers flick and glide. Tongues swipe.

Picking up the bump-grind of body talk
Duets merging into a primal solo as two voices become one.


This sixty-niner threesome is dedicated to neighbors and friends still waiting for the power to return after Friday's storm. Written in response to this week's  Carry On Tuesday Prompt and as a contribution to Open Link night at dVerse Poets. Drop by to see what others wrote or to join the fun.