Skinny Dipping App

Gotta go skinny dipping...

The fantasies you tempt me into
rise thick and hot
as the steam from foam coffee cups
dotting the boardroom table

I get lost
Wander off to play with you
While conversation drones

I'm not AWOL long
when someone asks
what I would do in said situation

Whatever was said
tiptoed in one ear and out the other
without leaving an impression

I need an app for that
something to mind the meeting
programmed to deliver aha moments
and witty responses that will cover my tracks

Allow me to leave my business suit sitting primly in my chair
while I sneak off for a little skinny dipping
in a wet dream of you


This post was written in response to this week's Sunday Scribbling prompt. Drop by to see what others wrote or to join in the fun yourself.


  1. my you certainly have a way of making my heart skip a few beats. You have a great way with words and I really enjoy the "tiptoeing in and out the ears part...and oh wow..."skinny dipping in a wet dream"...I had to go the hospital to be defibulated...

  2. Well written. Your choice of words is impeccable!

  3. Well done! I like: Whatever was said tiptoed in one ear and out the other without making an impression. I've actually been trying to get that technique down, but haven't managed to master it yet.

  4. I really loved this as it reminded me of a Monday morning department heads meeting and as I was giving my report I found that the secretary has removed her shoes and was playing footsie with me even to the extent of making her way up the inside of my leg. I didn't falter and clearly rose in her estimation in more ways than one.

  5. mmm...not a bad day dream at all..if you find that app please share...

  6. I agree. We all need this app!

  7. would this app still effective while working? :-) the first stanza really starts the tone

  8. I love the idea of ideas tip-toeing around our heads..much nicer than big old loud clod-hoppers..and ooh, how enticing..and inviting..splash..Jae

  9. Nara, first time at your blog and won't be the last! Your writing is sexy, delicious, and fun. There's an app for that... one of the best uses of the phrase I've heard in a long while. Great response to the prompt! Amy Barlow Liberatore, and here's mine:


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