I working madly to get the final edits back for Blind Heat and blog touring on Snatch Me. Still, I don't want to totally neglect my own blog.

A question I get a lot on Snatch Me is how romance and sex works in virtual reality. Readers want to know how I can write about virtual love scenes like they are real, as if the characters really feel them. I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what happens.

And even here you have to keep in mind, you're looking from the outside, through a window rather than from inside the world. If you were inside one of these avatar's heads, seeing through their eyes, you'd have a more convincing view. You don't hear the conversation going on, though the body language says all you need to know. After a few minutes inside a visually rich, responsive world, your brain starts to believe you are really there. Your mind fills in data for the missing senses. The person at the keyboard fades away.

In this movie, by the time we reach the point where the man slides his hand along his lover's inner thigh, I think it's safe to say the woman behind the avatar feels that touch. Have a look and see if you agree.

This lovely Machinama, Wish, was created by Coco Latzo.

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  1. I think imagination and fantasy can do a lot. The mind is a very powerful tool.


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