Snatch Me: Capture Role-Play Romance

 When I talk about capture role-play or virtual world romance, most people give me a blank look. When I explain further, sharing some of the adventures I had in virtual worlds like Second Life while researching capture-roleplay to write Snatch Me, and in making this video, then they're intrigued--leaning in to hear more, asking how they can visit such a world. Well, one way is to read Snatch Me. Another is to click that Nara's Worlds tab in the navigation bar above and visit the links for the Quarterz City, Quarterz Swamp, and Quarterz Wasteland. But the quickest way to get a taste of what capture role-play and the novel it inspired are all about is to view the trailer above.

The first capture role-play sim in Second Life was Hard Alley. I used it as the setting for the trailer. Thanks to Hard Rust for agreeing to let me do that.

Snatch Me at Ellora's Cave
Snatch Me at Amazon


  1. Good luck with your research and publication Nara..I don't have the computing capacities to play on-line world's (more's the pity) and yet I work out many issues in this out-dated computer hard drive..and it is like bouncing form a grubby mattress in the alley to a soft, comfy bed..in the real world..Jae

  2. Hi Nara: I tried to play the video above and kept getting a private message each time I tried to connect.


  3. Thanks for letting me know. I was doing some editing at Youtube. Video is back online now.


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