Saving the Selkie

I drag him,
hair twisted like rope around my hand.
The next swell tosses us ashore.

Bodies wreathed in foaming surf.
Solid male, oozing testosterone.
Sculpted abs sequined with droplets.

I lower my head, inhaling
scents of sea and secrets.
His eyelids flutter.
My fingers tighten in his hair.
Mouth-to-mouth now mandatory,
needed or not.

~Nara Malone

* This post inspired by Make Me Wet, my current WIP, and shared as a contribution  to G-man's Friday Flash 55. Drop by to see what others write or to join the fun yourself.


  1. Cedar?
    Did you just save a Gerbal?

    All kidding aside...WOW!
    You made ME wet!
    Thanks for taking the time to humor me as busy as you are...Thank You Thank You Thank You!!
    I loved your 55 Nara Malone
    Good Luck with the tour, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

    1. I needed that one more word. Cedar (as in sea chests) just seemed more appealing than seaweed. Something else will come to me eventually.

  2. Splendidly erotic and a real good extended metaphor.

  3. Oh, I liked this! Especially his abs "sequined with droplets". Very nice :)

  4. If I had a man with abs like that, mouth-to-mouth-to-something would be mandatory!

  5. ...let's hope he isn't a merman... You might end up a bit disappointed... but then again, maybe not :)

  6. I smell the sea and its secrets....nice erotic scene ~


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