Authors Beware: Recipe for Disaster

This is why it happened.
I was on autopilot--
my head writing a story,
the rest of me in the kitchen.

Always a recipe for disaster.
Virtual world FLAMES crawled
into the Real world.
The smoke detector SCREAMED
Two pots got welded together.


Forget dinner.
Stick to the story:
Writers cook best outside a kitchen.

Can you tell I've been working on a book trailer for Snatch Me all week? The story has nothing to do with cooking, but some of the pictures are from my work on the story trailer. A story that's apparently hot enough to scorch my kitchen. Hope you enjoyed my Friday 55. Drop by G-Mans site to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.

Many thanks to Hard Rust for letting me use Hard Alley sim in Second Life as a setting for the trailer.

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