Cybering ( #dversepoetics #cybersex )

Canon Love

He came in a plain text wrapper
Not the sort of package to turn her head
No warning that the contents could turn her inside out
Turn life upside down

Romance repurposed
Thrust her through the portal
Plunged by a double click
Into unreal realities

Garbed in boolean doublespeak
Veiled in fifty layers of intrigue
Bound by neurotronic entanglement
Resistance was futile

Pillow talk encoded in binaural beats
Texted breadcrumb trails between souls
Sexted intimacy
Emotion embedded in the vibrations of their cells

Love's illusions fashioned from ones and zeroes...
Can it ever rise above a zero sum?
In cyber everything is a lie
and nothing is.

~Nara Malone The prompt for Poetics today is change. Click through to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.


Poet Porn

Handwriting in Old Diary

Typing poetry is like vibrator sex
words nailed down
precisely spaced insertions
emotional withdrawal method

Writing longhand
words and thoughts entwine
like lover's limbs
one covering another
emotional foreplay
creative juices flowing

Poems don't love a keyboard
insist on a gentle fingering
in roaming lines
a slow-hand diddle
pen over page
making love to words


Since the summer, I've been slowly teaching this writer brain of mine to rough draft a story on the keyboard instead of longhand. Full length novels drafted across several journals, tucked between poems, sketches and to-do lists, are not an efficient way to get that job done.  It's been a war, me against the words. I thought I'd won. Then cleaning up the other day I picked up an old journal and a pen wandered into my hand and these words fell out on the page. This could be why I haven't had many poems to share these past few months.

This post was written as a contribution to G-Man's Friday 55. Click through to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.



Rope Burns (erotic poem)

owned_final copy

I burned them
untying each knot
lining them up in tidy rows
on soot-stained hearth
an addict cutting lines.

my drug
red lines of jute
mirrored in flame
gone to ash.

I prowled the years
listening to the soft creak and moan
of foundation shifts
and memories

like old rope tracks
secret marks
collaring ankles
crossroads between breasts
between thighs
sculpted impressions
refusing to fade.

Rope fingers
phantom limbs
teasing secret spots
making pussy glisten with tears
my eyes refuse to shed.

Knotted cords glide
whiskery threads licking
fingers retracing invisible tracks
pinching the craving from puckered nipples
working the feverish burn from quivering lips
rereading love stories written
in shibari-Braille

immersed in fantasy
nostrils flare
drinking in musky male
tongue twitching against tang
achy knot bathed
in heat of his release

I lock in the past
with eyes squeezed shut
one hand fisted against the burn
heart clamped in his jute fingers
I come

~Nara Malone


It's been a long time. I was starting to think I didn't have a poem left in me. My contribution to dVerse Poetics. Click through to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.


A Little NanoWriMo Inspiration

Posting this to encourage all my Nano Diva friends. Good luck with the word counts this weekend ladies. Remember--no excuses!


Single Frame Stories: Simple Necessities


The prompt for this week's Single Frame Stories: Simple


Rambling Woman Returns

Assateague MD

Written out
Wrung out
 Running away

Rockfish Gap, VA

Stripping life down
 to bare-limbed essentials
 immersed in wilderness
 bodysurfing in solitude

Percussive beats mark time
 wings on air
Assateague Beach

 paddles in water
Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

  leaves crumpling under trail boots  
Appalachian Trail

 Sleeping to sea song
Waking to wild stallion's whinny

Assateague Campground

 Lowering dipper
 sipping days slow
 drinking deep from the creative well

John D. MacArthur State Park, FL

 ~~~ I've been rambling--from mountains, to islands, to Florida Coast. And for all that I love a good adventure, it's good to be home. This post written as contribution to G-Mans Friday Flash 55. Drop by to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.


A Grave Mistake

Velvet-voiced tease.
Horny devil, riding night’s wings.

Insist I look our demons in the eye--
do battle to do You
in fantasies.
Resuscitate dead-wood words.
Make metaphors breathe.

CPR for the heart
we drove a stake through.
Resurrect the love story
You’ll have the pleasure of
making me regret
ninety thousand words from now.

~Nara Malone 

This episode of artist angst was inspired by dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar, G-Man's Friday Flash 55, and Single Frame Stories.  Drop by to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.


Friday 55 Flash: Lost

Blue Demon Jr

You don't go crazy
You go to sleep
When you open your eyes
When you get up and dress
The nightmare doesn't stay under your pillow
It gets up with you and follows you around

 You're stuck somewhere
Between awake and asleep
Where you can't run from the demons
Where you can't scream them away

 ~From "Blue Harbor" by Nara Malone

This post is part of G-Mans Friday Flash 55. Drop by to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.


Knowing You

60/365: Silhouette...

How do I know you? I have my own way.
I know you by height and width and shape
That negative space outline your body fills
I know you by the way your hair goes to curls in the rain
 Misbehaving brown corkscrews shot with gold
And by the lilt your tongue gives certain vowels when you’re aroused
Or the rickety clack your tone takes when you’re annoyed
I know you by the company you keep
Ragged men with ragged souls
I know you by the places you haunt
Junkyards of lost causes that you find new uses for
I can’t wax poetic about a blue-eyed devil or patrician nose or chiseled jaw
I can’t picture a face
But I know you on the inside
That when you  walk through a door  I’ll feel the sun rise inside me
I know you are the only one who makes me feel an inner sun
And despite all the times a haircut or a new hat  or a cold in your head
Tricks me into thinking I don’t know you
 I believe that if one day we met on level  ground
As spirits rather than bodies
I would  know you
Because I know you from the inside out
I know you by heart


This post was written as a contribution to dVerse Poets  Open Link night. Stop by to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.


Finding Free and Legal Images for Your Blog

Burning Candle image by Nara Malone

Recent trouble for authors over the use of images for blogging has everyone taking a second look at their images. Don't panic. You don't need to delete your Pinterest account or have a plain text blog. You should ensure that the content you're sharing is legally licensed for you to use. If it's not, there are places to get free, beautiful images.

Images on your blog:

The Creative Commons Search engine is my favorite tool for finding free content to use in my blog posts. I usually click the box that says search for content that can be used for commercial use. Even though I'm not selling anything with my blog posts, if I use content licensed for commercial use I'm covered on all angles. I stick with image searches at Flickr or Wikimedia Commons because the license is right on the image page for me to verify. I particularly like Flicker because they make it so easy to copy the code to paste right in the blog with everything linked and credited.

Another simple way to get content is to make your own images.  You see a lot of avatar art on my blog because it's easy for me to make, and I hold license to it, so I can use it how I like.  It serves double duty in that images and video I capture when I'm in a virtual world can be used in trailers and other promotional material. Feel free to take all the pictures and video you want in any of my virtual worlds. You can get to them by clicking the Nara's World tab in my navigation bar. I'll look into a way to share my virtual world art for reuse, probably through my Deviant Art account.

There's always your own camera. Think about contributing content with a CC license when you do take photos and post them online. The more we all contribute to the community pool of images, the better the selection will be. Just be sure that if you post or share an image with a recognizable person, that you have the subject's permission to use it.

Images on Pinterest: 

The safest images to post are ones you took or made yourself.  Many of the images on my Pinterest boards fall into that category.

Sites like Deviant Art, where many artists have tools that make it easy for you to share their posts on Pinterest or provide embed tools to share on your blog (as below), are another safe bet.

Firebird by ~Tanathiel on deviantART

If you see an image with no share tool, even if that same artist has shared everything else in their portfolio, don't share it.

You can install a Pinterest share button in your browser and share content from websites that way, but I think that's where everyone gets into trouble. It's fine to share content from your blog that way, but for anything else you need permission.

What about re-pins? That's a good question. I had assumed everyone was sharing legal content, so I know I have to go back through re-pins and follow all those links to the original sites. If there are no share buttons or CC licenses in plain view, that content, no matter how yummy, is going to have to come down. Fore future re-pins, check the originating site before you pin them.


Tell Me No


Warning!!! Naughty thoughts ahead. If you don't like sex in your 55, don't continue.

No is a wet word
You deliver it dry
You say don’t dare
cuz You know
I‘ll dare

And then
I’ll be
in trouble
pretend repentant

Say it
But make it drip
Make me
Punish me

Make me
say sorry
Write it
100 times
in sticky trails
across satin sheets


This post written as a contribution to G-Man's Friday Flash 55.
Drop by and see what others wrote.


Working Girls

Working girl ??

Warning!!! Graphic language ahead. Those offended by such should not proceed.

Going solo
behind the dust jacket
fingers tapping
forbidden places
probing the g-spot
that turns
midlist hookers to
class act pick-ups
at the Big Apple pubs

visions pile up
bleed away
overdressed wet dreams
stripped down to naked desire
silken sentences
poetic frills
ripped away
as release approaches

on display
spread for your viewing pleasure
they come
in multiple
hard covered
pulp pressed
digital ease

flavored and fetished
to suit every taste
sex tension hookers
positions pimped
sales ranked
by best yank
fame and fortune bestowed
by glide of plastic through slit

Practiced practice yields
prose pros
putting out daily
pumping out reams
of smash words
bitcoin exchange for bits
of sex with soul
hoping for bigger
piece of pie
giving out quickies before they're hot
grab one while the word fucks are free

They learn not to:
note cut of eyes
hear wag of tongues
feel critics fangs
crave taste of success
while growing craft
seeking to sink
to new levels
of naked
while they get so good
at being bad


Happy first birthday, dVerse. Thanks for giving me a place to play with words.


Attaining Impossible Dreams


If you're going to dream, dream big, right? I have have a pretty big dream. Some might say it's impossible. I view it as a quest, my call to adventure. I'm at Rachel Leigh's today talking about my journey toward the dream and the levels I've attained in pursuit of that dream. Drop buy and tell me about your impossible dream.


Blind Heat Tour and Giveaways

I'm taking Blind Heat on the road-- the virtual road, of course. Drop by and see what secrets these clever interviewers have pried out of me. Leave comments to be entered  in drawings for books, video games and gift cards. I look forward to seeing you all there :)

I'll be blogging here:

July 16:  Rachel Leigh
July 17:  Queen of the Night Reviews
July 18:  Wickedly Sexy Writers
July 19:  Wickedly Wanton Tales
July 20:  Ramblings From This Chick
July 23:  Novel Reflections
July 24:  Melissa Keir's Blog
July 25:  Delighted Reader Book Reviews
July 26:  Erotica For All
July 27:  Erzabet's Enchantments

Blind Heat will be reviewed  here:


Blind Heat Trailer

I finished the trailer for Blind Heat last night. I used machinima to make the trailer and it was quite a challenge. I'm sure the machinama pros don't waste the time I did crawling through bushes trying to get shots of a free roaming leopard. Nor do they have their weather machines get carried away and douse the sim in fog and snow while they spend an hour trying to turn it off. But I bet they don't have as much fun as I did making this. I hope you enjoy the end product. Even if you don't, I bet you'd enjoy the novel.


Blind Heat (Pantherian Passions, Book Two) [Kindle Edition] )


Knowing by Heart and Giveaway

Today I'm talking about face blindness, how my personal experiences compare with the heroine's in my newest novel, Blind Heat. I discuss learning how to see with more than your eyes, and learning to recognize people by who they are rather than what they look like--knowing by heart.

 I'm also giving away a copy of TheTiger's Tale, first book in the Pantherian Passions series. More here...


Power Down

Rain Dance

1.  Power Lined

We’re playing a duet with the storm.
Laptop keys chatter. Hail hammers roof.
Lightning flashes. CRT  flickers.
Thunder boom plays backup to exploding cars on TV.

Your face illuminated in  glow of tablet  screen.
Lips pursed, fingers skimming glass, a rapid flick and swipe.

We’re plugged in. Wired in.
Net Worked. Net Flicked.
Two fish netted in a parallel solo that masquerades as duet.

2. Blacked Out

The storm is almost spent when the room goes dark.
Screens fade to black with a crackle and hiss.

I listen to the silence, as do you, contemplating the stretch of hours. Mind a wordless blank, dredging for topics to block out the deafening  silence.

Thrumming rain replaces hail.
Liquid beat easing the bite of mind-candy withdrawal,
inviting memories of life before the power line.

3. Body Talk

You’re unbuttoning, hips grooving with the rain.
“Do you remember?” Followed by sly smile.

I do.

Jeans a  tangled blue puddle by the kitchen door.
Holding hands.
Stepping into the rhythm of the rain. Our time machine.

Circling. Splashing. Licking.
Fingers flick and glide. Tongues swipe.

Picking up the bump-grind of body talk
Duets merging into a primal solo as two voices become one.


This sixty-niner threesome is dedicated to neighbors and friends still waiting for the power to return after Friday's storm. Written in response to this week's  Carry On Tuesday Prompt and as a contribution to Open Link night at dVerse Poets. Drop by to see what others wrote or to join the fun.


Hide and Seek

He's coming for me now, and he's seeking my hide. His boots thresh the forsythia. His moody threats taunt and tempt. But he cheated first--deserved what happened. That's my only defense.

He's closing on me now, because I've pricked his pride. He thought he was so slick, counting to a hundred by tens. Wouldn't you have grabbed the garden hose, when he had you hemmed in?

He's coming for me now. It's not my pride he'll prick. That drip, dripping from his shirt pulverizes courage, and conviction drains away as I'm gathering my skirt.

He's waiting for me now. He thinks speed is on his side. But I'm poised for the win, with galloping heart and tingling tush, scampering unhampered from beneath the lilac bush.

He's charging after me now. I know my ass is fried. It isn't smart to giggle. But I completely lose my mind, when he tackles me growling, "Now, girl, that smart little ass is mine."

He's got me squirming now. We're exchanging moans and sighs. But, I wouldn't call it cheating-- this victory snatched from defeat. It was Mine for the taking when I stopped hiding what he seeks.

This post was written in response to Three Word Wednesday. Drop by to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.


Skinny Dipping App

Gotta go skinny dipping...

The fantasies you tempt me into
rise thick and hot
as the steam from foam coffee cups
dotting the boardroom table

I get lost
Wander off to play with you
While conversation drones

I'm not AWOL long
when someone asks
what I would do in said situation

Whatever was said
tiptoed in one ear and out the other
without leaving an impression

I need an app for that
something to mind the meeting
programmed to deliver aha moments
and witty responses that will cover my tracks

Allow me to leave my business suit sitting primly in my chair
while I sneak off for a little skinny dipping
in a wet dream of you


This post was written in response to this week's Sunday Scribbling prompt. Drop by to see what others wrote or to join in the fun yourself.


Spirit Walkers Video Game Released

game_spiritwalkers (1)

 It's been a long time coming. I know I've talked everyone's ear off about this game. But the big day is here at last. Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch is out!

And there is a free download here.

And you can see the slideshow of the screenshots here.

This story is loosely based on legends and mysteries surrounding Virginia's Great Dismal swamp. It was fun to write this with the team at Orchid Games and I know you all will enjoy playing. Go check it out.


Video Interview With a Female Werewolf

Can you believe it, I have live footage from an interview with a werewolf? Yep, right here on the blog today.

The heroine from Siobhan Muir's new novel, Queen Bitch of Callowwood Pack, agreed to sit down at the Next Dimension Cafe with me and chat about life as a werewolf. As far as I know this is the first time a werewolf has agreed to do a video-taped interview. It was also my first time taping an interview. There were glitches. And because it all went down in the next dimension, there were major glitches.  I appreciate Julianna Morris's patience with all the technical difficulties.

To keep the video clips as short as possible, and so I can cut out the embarrassing details--like me accidentally popping out of my chair and landing  in Julianna's plate of crepes-- I will post the question I asked here in print and embed her video response below the question.

So, Julianna, what is Callowwood like?


How did you wind up getting tapped as a candidate for alpha female of the Callowwood pack?


I want to hear all about Jeff Lightfoot. And I want the good stuff, the things you only tell your best girlfriend. 

And there you have it, enticing tidbits about the Queen Bitch of Callowwood Pack. Julianna Morris and Siobhan Muir are hanging around the blog today, so you have a chance to ask all those questions you've been dying to ask a werewolf. I'll draw the name of one lucky commenter to win a signed copy of this hot cover.

You can find Siobhan Muir on Facebook or @SiobhanMuir Twitter or on her website. If you'd like to know more about Juliana Morris' rise to role of Queen Bitch of Callowwood Pack, you can snag a copy of her hot story here.


Blind Heat Release and Giveaway


It's finally here, the sequel to the Tiger's Tale. You asked for it, wonderful readers, and I have finally delivered--it's release day for Blind Heat, the second book in the Pantherian Passions series. It's a big read with lots of adventure, Passion, and romance. Wonderful paranormal romance author, Siobhan Muir is hosting me today over at The Weird, the Wild, and the Wicked blog. Drop by to learn more about Blind Heat and comment to get into the drawing for a copy of the first book in the Pantherian Passions series, The Tiger's Tale.
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Blind Heat Games

Word Game Pics

I got an email from author Marilyn Campbell this morning asking if it was very complicated to make little word games to go along with some interactive material she's putting together for the Passion's Portal website (it's not open yet but I link here when it is).

Of course that got the wheels turning, and with a book/website/virtualworld launch of Blind Heat just two days away there are a million other things I should be doing, but I found a cool way to embed word searches, so you get to try that out. I did look for a crossword tool but haven't found one I like yet. I'm going to try and restrain myself for searching out more fun and get back to work.

Word Search Sample

The word search is easy to use. Click the first letter in a word then drag across the word to select it. I had a tough time finding some of these and I wrote it!

Make Your Own Word Search


Hollywood on Writer's Block

Writer's Block II  

1. Gone With the Wind

Ten thousand words I didn't write yesterday.
Ten thousand words I should write today.
Ten thousand words I'll worry about tomorrow.

"After all, tomorrow is another day." ~Scarlett

2. Ground Hog Day

Gone with the wind.
Gone with the wind.
Gone with the wind.

"What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn't one today." ~Phil

3. The Matrix

I will write.
Write I will.   
Will I write? 

"Anything is possible." ~Neo

This post was written in response to this week's Carry On Tuesday prompt and as a contribution to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night. Drop by to join the fun and to see what others have written.


Passion's Portal Headed Your Way

passion flower

I'm part of a multi-author series just approved by my publisher, Ellora's Cave. As soon as I fire off the final edits on Blind Heat this coming Monday, I'll be turning my attention back to Make Me Wet--a selkie story that will be my first contribution to the series. But you don't have to wait on me to enjoy the story. Marilyn Campbell is in final edits on her story, the first in the series. Authors Brandi Evans, Shannon Emmel, and Charlotte Stein are also hard at work on their submissions.

 We're gonna make this a long hot summer. ;)

Drop in at the Passionate Reads blog today to read the teasers. Come on, you know you love a little teasin'...
PASSION’S PORTAL, has been approved for development as a paranormal, erotic romance series at Ellora’s Cave. The stories will be individually written but tied together by the Sisterhood of the Elemental Goddesses and Shadowling Manor, a spooky old mansion on the northeast coast of Maine. Witches, wizards and warlocks, werewolves, shifters, dragons and selkies… Shadowling Manor is an Equal Opportunity Paranormal Environment. Every room has a secret, every portrait a history, and any door just might be a portal to another realm. Sex magick is at the core of the Sisterhood’s power and the energy created during sexual activity is what keeps Shadowling’s portals open.
In hopes of intriguing you to stay tuned for release updates, here are some teasers of the first five books


How Not to Choke Under Pressure

Blogging over at PassionateReads.com today on how not to choke under pressure:
We hope, that you choke, that you choke.

What do you do when you gotta have some words, you gotta have them fast, gotta have them now? What do you do when you need to be able to visualize the greatest love scene of all time, but the ticking clock and the days crossed off on the calendar are the only thing you see when you close your eyes? Read more...
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Final Heat on Blind Heat


I'm secluded and finishing the final edits on my next release, deadline is the April 30. Hopefully I'll be close enough to done to get back to regular blogging by next week. If not it'll be after the 3oth. :) Above is a glimpse at what's coming.


I working madly to get the final edits back for Blind Heat and blog touring on Snatch Me. Still, I don't want to totally neglect my own blog.

A question I get a lot on Snatch Me is how romance and sex works in virtual reality. Readers want to know how I can write about virtual love scenes like they are real, as if the characters really feel them. I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what happens.

And even here you have to keep in mind, you're looking from the outside, through a window rather than from inside the world. If you were inside one of these avatar's heads, seeing through their eyes, you'd have a more convincing view. You don't hear the conversation going on, though the body language says all you need to know. After a few minutes inside a visually rich, responsive world, your brain starts to believe you are really there. Your mind fills in data for the missing senses. The person at the keyboard fades away.

In this movie, by the time we reach the point where the man slides his hand along his lover's inner thigh, I think it's safe to say the woman behind the avatar feels that touch. Have a look and see if you agree.

This lovely Machinama, Wish, was created by Coco Latzo.


New Day in Naraland

Programmed to track
incremental turns of the earth,
dialing up light,
a new day dawns in Naraland
 drawing story on a fresh page:
duotone bleeding into ink lines,
haloing steeples  and weather vanes.
Bird song launches on cue.
New character surfaces in scenery,
leading me into her life,
an invitation to discover
her happy ending.


This post is a contribution to G-Man's Friday Flash 55. Drop by to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.

***Special thanks to some of the many programers and content creators that make it possible for me to build Naraland and find my inspiration there: New World Studio, Linda Kellie, Suzy Silverweb, Opensim Creations, Kitely, Imprudence team, Sim-on-a-Stick, Ener Hax, Opensim, Diva Canto


La Bête Noir


His pre-timed growl
my alarm clock
hauling me by my hair
to pay justifiable homage
fragrant musk
steamy promises
making my veins twitch
for ribbed handle grip
like a junkie anticipating
needle's prick
deep-throated scalding splash
guzzling ecstasy
lapping  last drop
quivering on  rim
leaves me hyped
begging for
cup of Joe

~Nara Malone

*Interesting factoid of the week.The video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas included an inaccessible minigame later dubbed the Hot Coffee mod. I don't know why that's important. I may have overdone the coffee this morn.

Weighing in at a trim 55 words this post is part of this week's Friday Flash 55 and was written in response to the Three Word Wednesday prompt: growl, hype, justify. Drop by these wonderful blogs to see what others wrote, or join in the fun yourself.



Self Portrait

Gazing into the past,
memories blur and ripple.
I can't give you a face,
but your voice comes back
to me in surround sound.

You loved to play me like
that, tonguing the notes,
hammering staccato
and alluring caress,
scaling between codas.

Even with eyes open,
dim reflections disrupted,
harmonic vibes replay.
You're still hitting all
those right notes, baby--
playing  from the inside out.

I can't escape your touch,
that lazy baritone ,
sliding under my skin
like a needle hung up
on grooves cut deep in
an old vinyl record.

~Nara Malone

This post was written in response to the Sunday Scribblings prompt: Reflect. Drop by to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself. I did some revising in preparation for dVerse poets Open Link Night. Drop buy and celebrate poetry month with a wonderfully diverse and friendly crowd.

image credit--Self Portrait by ignorism_isnt_bliss, on Flickr


Saving the Selkie

I drag him,
hair twisted like rope around my hand.
The next swell tosses us ashore.

Bodies wreathed in foaming surf.
Solid male, oozing testosterone.
Sculpted abs sequined with droplets.

I lower my head, inhaling
scents of sea and secrets.
His eyelids flutter.
My fingers tighten in his hair.
Mouth-to-mouth now mandatory,
needed or not.

~Nara Malone

* This post inspired by Make Me Wet, my current WIP, and shared as a contribution  to G-man's Friday Flash 55. Drop by to see what others write or to join the fun yourself.

Nara's Name Before the Masses Book Tour

I'm doing book tours for Snatch Me during the month of April and it would be wonderful to see my blog friends drop by a stop or two to say hello. Scheduled dates and stops are posted below. Prize giveaways to commenters  selected in the drawings include gift cards for Ellora's Cave books and a copy of Snatch Me at one of the stops. Hope to see you and good luck.

April 2: Urban Girl Reader
 April 3: Curse of the Bibliophile
 April 4: Delighted Reader Book Reviews
 April 5: Dark Haven Book Reviews
April 6: Immortality and Beyond
April 6: Louisa Bacio -- Love Knows No Bounds