Hero's Journey

This is what I wanted: a hero

Someone to help me put out the little fires that crop up around a life

I got: you

teaching me arson
fueling flames that licked my skin
singed my ideals
consumed and scattered them like glowing embers across a sooty sky.

This is what I wanted: a warrior

Someone on my side
Someone at my back through life's battles.

I got: you

teaching me to sow conflict
to beat the plowshare to sword
to embrace its glittering blade
as a woman sheathes her lover
turning submission to power

This is what I wanted: a savior

someone to pull me up
when life overwhelmed
someone to keep me afloat
when I was too tired to go on

I got: abandoned

dropped in the sea of your cast off dreams
left to sink or to claw my way back
from the shipwreck
of all I dreamed you'd be

This is what I wanted: you to be my hero

I got: the hero in me


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Underwater Bailout

When I left off, my escape from a hunter had landed me at the bottom of a river with a horse stuck on my head. If you want to know what hunters have to do with all of this, look here. If you want to know why I'd run away from him, look here.
And if you just can't fathom how I'd get a horse stuck on my head, here's how that happened. If you're ready to see how this story ended, read on:

My captor rescued me from the river, detached the horse from my head, and supplied "vêtements appropriés".
His mistake was turning his back on me.
Mine was stealing his horse.

His pet eagle was trained to fetch.
There was just no escaping this guy.
Besides, he was starting to grow on me.

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*** I'd just like to add that the eagle you see here was crafted by the wonderful @Ferd_Fredrix and is one of many free creations you can find at Phaze Demesnes (239, 184, 26), his sim on Second Life. I hear he makes really cool dragons too. I learned to make an animated blue whale from the Blue Whale project at his website. Thanks Ferd for making props that inspire my stories.