Why I Shouldn't Write Poetry in the Park

My friend said please write poetry in the park,
On cardboard beside her art.
She wanted rhymes,
Which took a long time.
Free speech right ends
At 10 PM.
We got arrested.
She protested.
But Cop's right--
My rhymes should be illegal and not just at night.

I was going to finish telling you the rest of that other story today. But I got sidetracked. Lucky for me G-Man has friends with friends who have friends in high places. I was sentenced to 55 words. Consider the sentences served, G. ;)

This flash fiction 55 is a contribution to G-Mans Friday Flash 55 and a response to his Thursday blog. Click here to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.

**The picture above was taken at Occupy SL sim on Second Life. Also, no "real" people were incarcerated in the execution of this 55.

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  1. Park is a public place, I guess that's one of the reason it's illegal to write poetry there, because anyone can be offended!! Be careful and safe!!


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