Research Gone Wrong cont.

Last week I shared a little incident that occurred while I was doing research for Snatch Me at one of Second Life's capture roleplay sims. Virtual worlds are complex to navigate, Second Life especially, and let's keep in mind I was only six months out from my rez date--not sure how old that is in real years--which means I looked and acted like a complete dork most of the time. At risk of ruining my image as a glamorous, sophisticated writer of romance, I will bow to reader requests and tell you what happened next.

Your Popsicle's Melting

What would you do if a giant,
nearly-naked man hooked a leash around your neck?
I took a giant step back.
Yep, right into that same trap.
Once again I was upside down,
nose to nose with...
not his nose.

Could it get worse? Yes.
I think he said this: "So, vous voulez choyer mon popsicle."

Oh darn, I'm at the word limit again. This little tidbit was posted as a contribution to G-man's Friday Flash 55. Click here to read what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.

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