What's the worst that can happen in a Kitely World?

You get all wet. I hate to admit it, but this happens to me a lot. I'm walking along and suddenly I'm under water. You can't die or drown in a virtual world, so don't be afraid to experiment and explore. If you do land under water, just hit your fly button and then page up. Once you're out of water use your arrow keys to point your avatar where you want to go. To stop flying, click the button that says stop flying. Make sure you're over land before you do :) All these strategic moves are demonstrated in the video.

There's a new world unlocked and it's purely for fun. You won't find clues or plot bunnies. But, you can fish, swim, shop for freebies, or stretch out on a blanket to read a book. Here's a video preview. I've got a how to shop and dress your avatar to suit your tastes. Where is all this leading? Extra credit points. You get a hundred for going shopping and another hundred if you get a friend to go shopping too. If you can, schedule it so you'll both be inworld together. It's so much more fun to explore with a friend. So you get free shopping and extra credit points for the contest.

Click here to check out the new ahopping world.

**video filmed using Fraps and the Linda Kellie V2 oar on Kitely. Music Lazy Beetle supplied by Freeplaymusic.com

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