We're finding bunnies and pages

Great progress today.

Nay Moon was the first one into the virtual world so she gets the fifty points for being first. It looks like at least three others besides Nay have made it inworld. Two bunnies have been located and one person found a journal page. As soon as I post this video, I'll put up a list of the point standings.

There are three rabbits out there so keep looking. The bunny clues should lead you to the journal page. A couple of you have asked how to get the bunny to give you its secret when you find it. you right click on that little magic carpet the bunny is sitting on. and a pie menu will pop up. Click "Touch" in the menu. A message will pop up asking you if you want to keep or discard the item the bunny is giving you. Click "keep", then click the "keep" button on the clue card. You might want to write down what the clue says before you click keep. It'll be saved in your inventory, but I'm betting most of you don't know how to find things in your inventory yet. We'll get to that one day, but let's stick with learning one thing at a time.

Here is a video demonstration Lilly made. Note that the first time she right clicks here, she makes a mistake and clicks on the grass so the "Touch" button is grayed out. The next time she clicks the magic carpet and you can see it is highlighted in yellow. Then you can click the "touch" button. After Lilly saves the card. She uses the mouse cursor to show you the location bar at the top of your viewer. Those are a clue to where you are in the virtual world. If you watch that bar as you walk around you'll see those numbers change. I don't know if you can make out the numbers in the video, but if you can, you should be able to find your first rabbit.

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