Quick start and challenge for those just joining

The hunt and contest were designed so that anyone joing as late as the last week would find it easy enough to ear the points they need to make it to a thousand points to get into the drawing for the NookColor.

Just finding the rabbits and clues will get you to the two hundred pints you'll need each week from here on out. Then Toolbar is another way to accumulate a lot of points fast. Our front runner has really learned to work the toolbar.

Ad if all that weren't enough, I'm going to be posting Extra Credit tasks here on the blog that will let you get your score up quickly. Today the task is simple. Go to Siobahn Muir's blog, comment on the interview she did with Bond about Nara's contest, and follow her blog. You get fifty points for doing both. The big drawing for the first winner is tomorrow. Check for the winner and another great Cook Naked recipe from Bond and author Kelly Jamieson at Passionatereads.com

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