Extreme Makover Tutorial

Here's the shopping video I promised. It's a little hard to read these menus so, I'll talk you through what happens.

We start with Lilly in the hall outside the gift shop. Most of the items you all would be interested in are on the wall directly opposite the entrance. There are plenty of things you aren't ready to learn about yet. We'll stick to avatars and clothes. Avatars, for our purposes consist of a shape, hair, eyes, and skin.

Lilly wants you to see a noticeable makeover, so she left-clicks the picture of a male avatar. The card comes up asking if she wants to keep that object and she clicks keep. She clicks her inventory button and selects the recent tab (this is the easiest way to find something just added to your inventory). She opens the folder that says male avatar and looks through the contents, right-clicking on one of the skins, and then selecting wear. She does the same for one of the hair offerings, and for a shape and eyes.

Then she right clicks that circular posing platform on the floor because this will let her use the arrow keys to turn the avatar around to see him from the front. When she first clicks "pose", the screen goes gray. I didn't edit that out, because this is something that happens a lot. The avatar has moved and the wall of the room is blocking your view of him. She can use herr arrow keys to turn around until she can see, or use the scroll button on the mouse to zoom in. You'll see Lilly do that.

Now that you see the avatar again, you notice Lilly has transformed herself into a guy, but she's still wearing the clothes she had on before. She looks at the wall, left-clicks the picture of a man's t-shirt, hits keep when the card appears and finds the folder in her inventory under the recent tab. She right-clicks on the color shirt she wants, and selects wear. She repeats the entire process with a picture of jeans posted on the wall. And she is done. As extreme a makeover as you can get. Well there is the fairy avatar with interesting skin and hair colors and wings. That's the fun part of virtual life, you can be whatever you want.

Okay, go shopping. You don't have to turn yourself into a guy. Select a look you like. Stay away from items that say template. Stick with things that say avatar or are clearly clothing of some sort. Have fun. And please send me a picture of your transformation.

**video filmed using Fraps and the Linda Kellie V2 oar on Kitely.

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