Good Girls Will

Nov 30 - women drive in Saudi!

Everyone knows good girls will

 go blind
*looking at that
*reading that
*touching that

 go insane
*learning too much
*thinking too hard
*touching that

 get a reputation by
*befriending too many boys
*testing traditions
*letting him touch that

So if I'm
*not blind
*not insane
*don't have a reputation
I must be a very bad girl

This post was written in response to this week's Carry On Tuesday prompt. Click here to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself. 
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  1. That's awesome, Nara! Well done! I'm a bad girl, too. ;)


  2. Very fun read! Sounds like not being blind and insane, you've done it right.

  3. Bad girl~!!!

    There's a TV series on in the UK called Bad Girls, about a women's prison. Great series, too.
    This is a lovely write and made me smile :)

  4. haha...and what a life it is to enjoy the experience...smiles. fun stuff!

  5. ...fun write..don't think too hard is what i always preach to myself..but without much success...smiles... love the pic

  6. lol- I love the repitition... life's too short not to have fun.

    laurie kolp

  7. Hey - this is a really cheeky poem and i absolutely loved it - fun and witty with a bit of style too.

    Arron Shilling

  8. A hoot of a poem that knocks the legs from under the table on which oppression of women is served up. Terrific.

  9. I'm having a strange set of reads today - by luck reading companion pieces back to back. You should read Brendan's Bad Girls...goes MUCH further than you do, but taps the same well.

    Cheeky, I like that word as used above..in all its layering. Telling someone what not to do is the surest way to make them do it!

    Beautifully written. G.

  10. I like your sassy side :) I like the empowerment theme here. Very nice!

  11. haha that was a fun write, like how you turned it all around at the end.

  12. Yep another bad girl here! :0

    What's that Woody Allen said ... "well can I at least do it until I need glasses."

    Sounds like you're a lot of fun.

  13. Love it ... great take on the prompt!! :-)

  14. What did Mae West say -- "Honey, when I'm bad I'm bad, but when I'm really bad I'm great. A stiff salute to resolutely crayoning outside the lines. - Brendan

  15. Hello.
    So cool. Reminds me of Michael Jackson's "Bad".


    Remove These Satin Sheets

  16. Fun and cheeky indeed! Here's to not being blind or having a reputation! (speaking purely from my part, the "insane" angle is a bit more iffy ;) )

  17. Well this made me smile, bad girl indeed.


  18. Smiles.... love the use of humor to dispell the old adages.

  19. All that I can say is :) Lol!!

  20. Cheeky does fit but I think there's another layer, there's real danger in some places not fitting into the perceived set of rules for women's behavior. When we were in Jordan a Bedouin man smiled at me while drawing his finger across his throat to indicate what he'd do to his daughter if she was not a 'good girl'. Thought provoking, thank you.


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