Falling Star

You were around before I was
I never thought you'd be gone before I was
I watched your stars reaching for the heavens
And I mourned with you when they fell
Maybe I took you for granted
Maybe you'll find a way to rise again
Today I mourn again
Watching Atlantis descend
Goodbye NASA

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  1. It's a scary thought to me. NASA generated most of the good in our lives over the last few decades.

  2. Nara ....
    I was saddened as well.
    I was around before Sputnik and the whole Space Race thing.
    Loved your 55 Today.
    Thanks for playing...AGAIN
    You Rock!!
    Please have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  3. Beautifully written 55. I was raised watching the first flights. This program may be over but I doubt NASA is done exploring.

  4. you know for one growing up with the space program, yeah it is sad to see it go..esp aftr all the memorable trips....

  5. This is a beautiful share...haunting and sad too!

    Nice to meet you~

  6. Excellent. I found it so sad that we have seen the last of the space shuttles. Your poem captures the feeling oh so very well.

  7. I remember the event, the heroes and heroines..
    what a remarkable 55.
    your kindness is precious.

    Happy Weekend.
    love your 55.

  8. Yeah, it's hard to know what all that lost research could have accomplished.

  9. I think you're right. There are still a few projects going in deeper space.

  10. Thanks for dropping in, Monkey Man.

  11. Hi there, Heaven. Nice meeting you. Thanks for taking time to say hi. :)

  12. It would have been nice if we could have seen them land astronauts on Mars.

  13. Thank you, Mary. I still find it hard to believe the shuttle launches are over.

  14. Thank you, Jingle. A lot of brave men and women gave their lives to reach for the stars.


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