Snatch Me: A Virtual World Capture Romance


I just signed a contract with Ellora's Cave to publish my capture romance, Snatch Me, as part of their Sex Bytes series.

I was not planning to write this story. Every time a scene started unfolding in my imagination I shut it down and said, "I do not have time for this story right now. The deadline was looming too close for me to finish in time." My muse, ornery critter that she is, wouldn't listen. She went on strike. I was running in place on every project I had going. My mind was an empty bucket.

Finally I surrendered and let Snatch Me take over my life for several weeks. I started writing at 4 AM and I worked until 10 every night. I sent the story to my editor about two hours before the deadline. I had zero objectivity on this story. I had no idea how the world would receive such a different kind of romance. I broke viewpoint rules. I don't know if there is a rule about pixel people sex, but if there is, I broke that too. When I wasn't breaking rules I was making new ones. Given my muse's love for rule breaking, I'll probably break my own rules in my next story. I was pretty sure my editor would get in her car and drive up here to smack me over the head with the manuscript. Every morning I checked my email for an are-you-out-of-your-mind message from her. When the message came, my hands were shaking so bad I accidentally signed myself out of the mailbox while I was trying to open the mail. It took three more fails at typing in my username and password before I was able to get back in and read the verdict.

She loved it. She called it "unique". Cool! That's probably editor speak for you broke a bunch of rules. She may yet make me unbreak some of them. But we're both glad Snatch Me insisted on being written.

Snatch Me is a little unusual in that the romance unfolds in an online virtual world (think Second Life or World of Warcraft) and in the real world. Virtual world scenes are written immersively, as if that scene were as real-- or even more real-- than the scenes unfolding in the real world.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks to learn more about Snatch Me.

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  1. Congrats for this.... sometimes we don't understand our muse, but she clearly does...

    Nice to meet you~


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