Ice Queen

Ice queen
Ice Queen by Nancee_art on Flickr photo sharing

Is that all there is

I contemplate renegade eyes
Our lost reality rises like a frosty veil
Beyond me

Was that the best we had

Unwind this winter
Wrapped around my soul
Like a lover

Melt me

With uncharted desires
Make me drip
Burn through me like a torch

Be my spring

~Nara Malone

This post was written in response to this week's Carry On Tuesday prompt: "Is that all there is?" See what others have contributed or join in the fun here.


  1. Passionate!

  2. Wow... hot..hot ... hot... and I'm not talking the weather! LOL
    Lovely prose, sensual.
    Thank you for visiting me and the lovely comment too.

  3. 'Unwind this winter wrapped around my soul'..what a fantastic line..such a sensual piece..flowed like melting ice..Jae

  4. Thanks for dropping in to read and taking time to comment. You all are so inspiring, both in your comments here and in your own writing.


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