River Dart Swimming Pool - with added feet!!
Photo by Tomorrow Never Knows on Flickr photosharing

Morning brings two choices
Not run
Opening the front door, a wall of heat bumps my face
Steals my breath, like opening the oven door to check a cake
I inhale the scent of parched grass and baking leaves
I ponder that pain in my hip, the throb in my big toe
At my feet the dog pants, wags his whole body, spins in circles
He doesn't need a choice
Might as well ask him if he wishes to breathe

The workday brings two choices
Pretend I will get to it in a minute
Opening the word processor is a beating
Doubts slap my face
Fears knuckle my stomach
On a shelf is a fat, hand-typed manuscript, a book I wrote at age 12
Where is the little girl who launched into stories
as eagerly as she jumped from the sizzling planks of a boat dock
into the cool blue of a summer lake

I have two choices
Remain immobile, transfixed by perfectionism
Close my eyes and jump

This post was written in response to the Three Word Wednesday prompt. See what others have written and join in the fun here.


  1. Wonderful poem. I enjoyed all the images and action. Very original. And a good point in the end. Good job.

  2. The originality just is soaking thins poem. It is most definitely from the heart. Thank you. My 3WW: http://verseinanutshell.wordpress.com/2011/06/29/next/

  3. This is invoking lovely images and is so obviously from the heart.Beautiful.

  4. I don't think doggies ever question - run or nut run - they run for pleasure..they get tired..they stop..they run again..always worth taking a jump though..(knowing you will land safely back on the ground of course)..Jae

  5. Something throughout we all can relate to, choices.

  6. After a while, I start to feel that closing my eyes and jumping isn't going to keep working. Still, I do it.

    Thanks for reading Suzie's House.

  7. Perfectly timed poem for me. Sit on the edge or jump in and live.

  8. there always seem to be choices...too many choices... time seems to make us weigh them longer and harder than our younger selves...fearlessness having fled...motivation and will no longer so innate...

    rediscovering that can be tricky...but worth it...sometimes it's essential to just close your eyes and jump

  9. Thanks to all of you for stopping in and taking the time to comment . It's encouragement like this that keeps me taking the plunge every day.

  10. wow, breath taking one.
    keep it up.


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