Knowing From the Inside Out


You don't know about me
but through the windows in the words I write.
I'm like a puzzle taking shape one piece at a time.

I don't know about you
but from these snapshots,
pictures etched into my mind with words,
frames around your values.

We don't know each other
but from the inside out
impressions formed one word at a time.

This post is written in response to this week's Carry on Tuesday prompt. Find out more about Carry On Tuesday and see what other participants wrote.


  1. Beautiful - I like your way with the prompt.

  2. I also like your response to the prompt. It certainly makes me aware of what we do as we make the rounds of this circle of people we do not know, reading their words, picking up impressions that might be as right as rain, or as wrong as strong bad drink. Like the softness in tone and several of your images,


  3. Words sure can inspire learning.

  4. How utterly true. Very well said.

  5. "pictures etched into my mind with words,
    frames around your values"

    This is my favorite part...we see, draw conclusions, make judgments, sometimes we are right, sometimes not, then we move on.

    Lovely poem

  6. I like how you've reacted to the prompt here.


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