Friday Flash 55: Dumped

megan running down bergis road - DSC00065

Photo licensed through Creative Commons by Sean Dreilinger on Flickr photo sharing.

At his age the sight of me in shorts shouldn't get him so excited.
He licks my knees.
"No way."
He licks my toes.
"It's too early."
His eyes adore me.
I get my running shoes.
I'm dumped at the front gate for the first big-eyed doe to flick her tail at him.

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  1. I hope we're talking about your dog here. ;-)
    Nice 55.

  2. love this - a moment of -huh? becomes clear, but what a great write!

  3. Nara Malone....?
    People lick your toes?
    (Give me a moment)
    Excuse me.. What was I saying?

    Oh yeah... Someone dumped YOU?
    What an Ass-Hole!
    Pick yourself up, and move on to the next victim.

    Loved your 55...

    LOVED IT!...Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. Now that's a dog with one thought in mind! Freedom to bolt away on a personal journey! Love the weaving of innuendo!

  5. nice! i hope you are not talking about your dog here...lol. hot 55 nara!

  6. Fickle dogs! But who can resist those melting eyes? Neat 55!

  7. Dumped? He was just a stepping stone.

    There is something energetically awesome about this 55 I can't quite put my finger on, but it works very well and makes me think of a Joni Mitchell song from For The Roses where she is "running like a white tail doe." A song called "Still Like To See You Sometime," I think.

    I like your 55!

  8. Loved the playfulness of this. Nicely done! What a dog.


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