Size Matters #EroticAuthorsTweet

nara_malone: UPS guy can't find me. :(

brandi_evans:  Oh sorry...I redirected him to my house. Did I forget to mention that? ;-)

nara_malone: Called him, guiding him in #nicetry

tibbyarmstrong:  *snicker* #juvenilehumor

nara_malone: Wow. It's really big!!!

brandi_evans: Man, my mind just went straight to gutter. ;-)

nara_malone: size does matter...

brandi_evans: LMAO!! True that!!


I had to shorten the tweets to get them to fit, but I think I got all the pertinent details in. :) Thanks to authors Brandi Evans and Tibby Armstrong for their contributions. Follow them on twitter for more sizzling conversations. This post was written as a contribution to G-mans Friday Flash 55. See what other Participants wrote here.


  1. its all about the size of the package eh? smiles. nice 55.

  2. That's a red hot 55. The UPS man sure does deliver.

  3. Nara Malone...
    You are indeed a Saucy Lass!!
    Most excellent 55 My Friend..
    Thank you for the smile...
    I hope you had fun!
    Thanks for playing today, and have a Kick Ass Week-Endf

  4. In India we have whole three hours movies with that kind of conversation!

  5. So size does matter huh? LOL. Great way to write a 55 my friend. Excellent. Have a wonderful Friday :)

  6. *sigh*... the things I miss out on by not twittering. ah well...

    what about a harmonica? well, half the time anyway. you have to suck and blow.

  7. Thats cute...amazing how quickly an innocent conversation can turn.. or maybe not so innocent.

  8. ha ha... that was good...
    nice write...

  9. hahahah... too good, this!!!
    Witty fitty fie!!! :)
    I've also notices (and experienced) how just some typos can change the meaning of an entire conversation!! Phheewww
    But yours was just plain awesome! :)

  10. This was fun to read. Nice job.

  11. very intelligent 55.

    loved your humor!

  12. http://itistimetothinkformyself.blogspot.com/2010/08/55-flash-friday-55-is-written-by.html

    an award for 55 players...

  13. The things I find when I Google myself these days. *GRIN*


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