Cook Naked: Fingerlings to Give Picnics a French Twist (via )

I joined a group blog with some talented authors from Ellora's Cave. I have the honor of writing the weekly Cook Naked column via the persona of Le Marquis de Bond, the sexy French Chef from the Dungeon Gourmet.

Stop by and say hi to Bond.

Cook Naked: Fingerlings to Give Picnics a French Twist Ah, fingers drizzled in fragrant oil. What's not love? Close your eyes, picture this. Breathe the scents. Does it make your tongue twitch? Your mouth water? Ah, wait. My sweet one, Sarai, she is like the backseat driver, reading over my shoulder when I blog. Une minute. Pardon, fingers, this is the wrong word. :) Sorry. I give the wrong impression. We'll have more than tongues twitching out there. Fingerings. This is what I mean. Today I teach yo … Read More



  1. Ah, monsieur Bond. Perhaps you might denude or disrobe the fingerlings, or divest them of their skin.

    You do make one hungry, hungry for a taste of Sarai.

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  3. interesting!
    have fun doing what you love!


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