What do you love about Your life?

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"What do you love about your life?" Betty was still fuming over Rowan’s question. Who could toss out an answer to a question like that?

The diner waitress: “The quirky people I meet here”

Betty’s doctor: “Watering my garden in the evening.”

The mail-carrier: “The 53 Ford I’m restoring.”

So, what do you love?


This post is part of G-man's Friday Flash 55. See what other participants wrote here.

If you're wondering if this is really fiction, yes --  a bit of backstory and some research(last line) for the Spirit Walker's Adventure Game I'm working on with Orchid Games.  I'm curious to hear what your answers are.


  1. Pst. Silly. I love being here with you. And a few other bloggers.

  2. I love being me , in every sense of the term!

  3. Good question. family and writing.

  4. a good book on the side of a mountain, maybe by a stream...thats what i like.

    my 55 is up!

  5. I love laid back Fridays where I get to read untold brilliance coming from the heads of everyday, hard working, retired, proffessional, amateur, folks just like you and I.
    I get the honor of reading EVERY ONE!
    And I Love it!
    As I did YOUR little Gem Nara Malone.
    BTW...I love that Nom de plume.
    It sounds like one of My Dames
    Nara Molone...She had more curves than Mulholland Drive.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G


    Didn't realize it would be so easy, because I love to do so many things...but I stick with my answer.

    What a neat way to get the Peeps involved!!!

  7. Hey Nara, Wonder if you ever thought of becoming O Get a Grip member. It has writers from Ellora Cave publications as members.

  8. I love getting out anywhere with my camera! I take notice of "things" more! Love looking for lights and shades! And that becomes my inspiration for my writing!

  9. a very important question .. but still it doesnt mask the beauty of this post :)


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