Think This of Me

photo by Hamed Saber on FLickr photo sharing

If I should die
think this of me

That I tried to see
through your eyes
as you see through mine

In this inside out
blind-leading-blind way
We stumble forward

If I should die
think this of me

What I loved changed you.

~Nara Malone 2010

This was written for the Carry on Tuesday Prompt.  See what other participants wrote here.


  1. Powerful! Almost a challenge that one life gave quality life to another! A fascinating piece!

  2. I enjoy this poem. I like how the rhythm is a little off, giving us a stumbling effect to go with your topsy-turvy lines, "in this inside out / blind-leading blind way / we stumble forward," and which makes the full and certain stop at the end even more satisfying. Lovely job.

  3. love your poem and the picture is awesome, sheer genious and your use of it is only inhanced by your words


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