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I wrote this in response to an assignment for I class I was taking several years ago. My younger sister saw the page on my desk and said, "What a pretty poem."  I explained that it wasn't a poem and I didn't know anything about writing poetry. She told me the coolest thing about poetry is that there don't have to be any rules. I was hooked. So, I'm still indulging in my ruleless scribbling and still envying those who can apply the formal rules so beautifully.

I envy the beauty of a formal garden.
I imagine appearing neatly clipped, colors coordinated.
What a wonderful thing it would be to think in tidy paths
that take me past each important element.

All my blooms would open at the proper time,
in proper order, and in their proper place.
All would arrange themselves around an exquisite centerpiece
of good sense and logic.

I'm more like a tangled wood,
honeysuckle vines and thorned blackberries marking my borders,
tiny violets hiding in my shadows.

I'm a web of branches and green growth,
reaching for sun and sky by day,
moon and stars by night.
My roots burrow into a rich carpet,
hidden things that feed the growth.

At my center -- a twisting, babbling stream of moods,
ideas, desires, and dreams.
I envy the order of a formal garden, but my soul knows it could never bloom there.

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  1. A great analogy - and so true for most of us.
    Nicely done.

  2. I LOVE this poem! i can totally relate. Sometimes I wish I was the always coordinating, put together "formal garden" but I know so well that my "soul... could never bloom there". I love the analogy and the wording. beautiful piece.

  3. yes, that is poetry...beautiful...captivating...comes under the heading of ...I wish I could write like that...well done

  4. i love this poem oh so much! i can totally relate. Beautiful!

  5. A delightful piece. I so enjoyed it.

  6. Beautiful metaphoric parallels that create a dramatic contrast of ideas!

  7. Wow that is one beautiful poem you wrote!

  8. Beautiful piece! Maybe when I grow up I will be able to write like that :)
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment - you made my day, as at times I feel like a fool for writing certain things...
    Have a fantastic week! Greetings from Mexico ~

  9. This was perfect :) Each to his own ways to keep the soul happy !!

  10. I took a poetry workshop during my MFA years. You're right; the people who can follow the stringent rules are rare gems.

    This is a lovely piece. I totally relate to it.

  11. Lovely piece Nara - I believe wild gardens are the best - honest and hardy. If things are too neat there's something not quite right! Very thoughtful interpretation of what 'me' means to you..thanks for your visit..Jae


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