I Had a Perfect Dream

While the fire crackled and the wind tossed ice pellets against the window,

I wrapped up in a bright blue shawl decorated with dolphins

and dreamed a perfect dream.

Snow flakes turned into a magic carpet.

I rode a glittering Milky Way

to a land of palm trees and beaches draped in gold and black sand.

Sigh. I'm going to have to make this dream come true.

This post was written in response to the Carry On Tuesday Weekly prompt, "I had a perfect Dream. See details on Carry On Tuesday's prompt  here. Or see what this week's particiants wrote here.


  1. I would love to see a black and gold beach. i can't wait for dream land.

  2. I was just looking at your blogroll and it appears that no males merit being listed. The question then results as to why not?

  3. @1markt A very good point. The main reason is that my blogroll was originally made up of participants in a blogging class I took (all female). I later added romance writers that I interact with in several RWA chapters. It's on my ToDo list to add a number of the great bloggers (several are men)who participate in memes like Sunday Scribblings, Flash 55, or today's Carry on Tuesday. I will use the motivation of your well deserved comment to get me moving on that. If you know any great male romance writers who are blogging, please send me a link and I'll visit their sites.

  4. I want to ride a milky way!! Love this poem. Lovely... lovely...

    Perplexing Perfection

  5. Nara can i go with you? Nice images!

  6. Fabulous image, Nara! I'd want to make it come true as well. :)

  7. Nara Malone...
    It almost makes me wish it was wintry...

  8. Israel Kamakawiwole was such a magical Hawaiian singer! Love the romance of his voice! And carrying your dream on his music creates a beautiful, wistful post!

  9. fire crackles, ice pellets and bright blue....snow flakes and beach....wow...an wesome dream land. Am all set Nara..to sail...closing my eyes.

    Thank you for sharing!

  10. stunning images,
    love the song so much!


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