Jute Kisses

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Our first kiss wasn't the press of lips to lips, the warm glide of tongue over teeth.

You lifted my hand, bowing slightly, like some courtier of old, turned it palm up and then gazed into my eyes, watching desire smolder in response to a dry jute tongue lapping at my wrist. Thin coils forged a bond-- easily cut but impossible to break.

You fanned the flame, ignited something secret, spurred the departure from the woman I prtended I was and started the journey toward the woman I am. You captured the parts of me I try hardest to hide and hauled them into the light. Why don't my secret shames look as rotten when I see them through your eyes?

First kisses should make my knees buckle, weaken me with desire. Your kiss made me stronger. Love should veil my flaws. You rip the veils away. Your love isn't in spite of my flaws, but because of them.

~ Bond's sarai

This was written in response to a prompt from Three Word Wednesday and Come in Character. The character, Sarai, is from my novel, The Dungeon Gourmet, but this snippet is not part of that story. I'll have to save this for the next one.

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  1. Very well written, good luck with your new book sales!

  2. Lovely, and speaks to the transformative power of love. :)

  3. Good luck dear, have fun writing :)

    marinela x x

  4. Beautifully written. This really speaks to my heart.

  5. This is absolutely beautiful, so expressive and eloquent. I really enjoyed reading it.

  6. Thanks for the good wishes everyone. Now that I have things somewhat under control after the big flood, I I hope to be back to reading and sharing with you more often.

  7. Great stuff Nara. Love and honesty - beautiful.

  8. Very well written and evocative!


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