Friday Flash 55: Wipeout

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It's common wisdom -- never ask for signs.
But why? A sign could reveal the right choice.
Concentrate on writing or concentrate on my business?
I wanted a bold, clear sign.
But 1600 gallons of water into the business?
I think I could have got it with a smaller hint --
a post-it instead of a billboard.


Okay, this wasn't fiction, but I wish it was. Wait. No, no. I don't wish anything! I take that back! Anyone else ever had a wish go wrong in a big way? See what other Friday Flash 55 participants wrote about.

Today is the last day to get your name in for the Earth Day giveaway. I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Note: The insurance claim is all wrapped up.  I turn in the keys to my old shop today and I'm all moved in to my new place. I'm working on an exciting new story with Orchid Games, so it's all good.


Thirteen Things about Cooking

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1. Some people take cooking to the level of art.
2. I'm not one of those people
3. My dog comes running when the smoke detector goes off. He thinks it is the dinner bell.
4. The cats hide when the smoke detector goes off. They are smarter than the dog.
5. When family comes to visit, they insist on taking me out to dinner.
6. When I visit other people and offer to help in the kitchen, they have me set the table.
7. A fire truck cruises by my house around dinner time -- just in case.
8. Some people are tone deaf and can't sing. I think there must be some essential physical connection to good cooking that I lack. Is there a bad cooking gene?
9. When I take something to a bake sale it never makes it out to the table.
10. Even when I buy a pie and wrap it up to make it look like I baked it, no one will eat it.
11. I love men who can cook.
12. I wonder if it is possible to train the dog to cook.
13. Master Bond, the main character in my new novel, The Dungeon Gourmet, turned up in my head the day after a particularly stressful Thanksgiving.

Are you a good cook or do you lack the cooking gene?
Two more days left for the Earth Day giveaway. All commenters here at the blog are eligible to win up until midnight ET on April 30th.

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Jute Kisses

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Our first kiss wasn't the press of lips to lips, the warm glide of tongue over teeth.

You lifted my hand, bowing slightly, like some courtier of old, turned it palm up and then gazed into my eyes, watching desire smolder in response to a dry jute tongue lapping at my wrist. Thin coils forged a bond-- easily cut but impossible to break.

You fanned the flame, ignited something secret, spurred the departure from the woman I prtended I was and started the journey toward the woman I am. You captured the parts of me I try hardest to hide and hauled them into the light. Why don't my secret shames look as rotten when I see them through your eyes?

First kisses should make my knees buckle, weaken me with desire. Your kiss made me stronger. Love should veil my flaws. You rip the veils away. Your love isn't in spite of my flaws, but because of them.

~ Bond's sarai

This was written in response to a prompt from Three Word Wednesday and Come in Character. The character, Sarai, is from my novel, The Dungeon Gourmet, but this snippet is not part of that story. I'll have to save this for the next one.

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Release Day Snippet: The Dungeon Gourmet


If you're wondering just what the Marquis De Bond is whipping up down there in his dungeon, here's the first chapter.


Slow Cooking

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Silver mists drape the oaks
in a gauzy morning wrapper.
The sun peeks between the folds.
Mourning doves coo seductive approval.

My eyes open into yours.
Heat, a moist blanket unfolding, settles over me,
weights my limbs with a peaceful presence,
a mood that could so easily be stirred to passion.
And stir you do, one finger, dipping in, languid circles.

My eyes drawn along on the slow journey to your lips,
watching you lick and suckle,
your eyelids drifting down to savor,
like a chef over a delicate sauce,
a wicked grin as you invite me to taste.
I catch the scent and flavor of my own desire,
wriggling closer, inviting your pleasure.

You withdraw leaving me with
your unswayable smile,
the one that promises,
that despite a bit of simmering,
waiting will be worth it.

On the back burner
dreams and fantasies bubble together
blending, melding, merging
creating something bolder,
more developed, exotic.

Heat clings as the sun sinks
below the mountain ridge
and you rise ready above me.
This moment has sizzled in us all day.
A feast awaits.

We smile together at the brink, knowing.
This won't be polite.
This won't be civilized
This won't be proper
It will be worth the wait.

Inspired by the movie "Julie and Julia," the prompt from Sunday Scribblings is -- Dinner. A perfect prompt to kick off release week for my new novel, The Dungeon Gourmet. And I'm giving away an earth friendly cookbook through the end of the month in honor of Earth Day, so all commenters on today's post are eligible to win. Drop by Sunday Scribblings and enjoy the other contributions.


#EarthDay Gifts from me for you and the Planet

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It's Earth Day and I can't think of a better day to get back to blogging. I have gifts for the earth and my readers this week. For readers I'll be giving away three prizes from the PETA Store. I will name three winners at noon ET next Friday, April 30th. Here's all you need to do to enter.

Email the rabbit from The Tiger's Tale -- blogginbunny (insert at-sign) gmail.com (One email per reader please) for a chance to  win a tote.

Follow blogginbunny on twitter for a chance to win a mug.

Comment here on any or all blog post during the next week and you'll be entered to win: Meatless Meals for Working People: Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes by Debra Wasserman and Charles Stahler (one comment per post please)

Even if you're not a vegetarian, adding a few meatless meals to your menu each week will keep you and the earth healthier, so I hope you'll comment on the blog and pile up some chances to win this great book.

My gift to the earth this Earth Day is to pledge 10% of my royalties for The Tiger's Tale from launch day(March 12) to the first day of summer (June 21) to PETA. I'm setting a time limit to allow me to reassess where I want to send donations on a regular basis. There are so many charities I hope to support with my writing.

Why PETA? I used to have a job that took me into research facilities on a regular basis. What I saw done to animals broke my heart. I don't know how much influence I have, but I hope my shapeshifter fiction imparts a sense of animals as more than objects to be exploited and I hope my earnings can support organizations that work to improve the situation for both wild and domestic animals on this earth.

Are you doing anything special to celebrate Earth Day?  Tell me about it in the comments.


Why You Should Be Afraid of Your Shadow

My character Allie is commenting on her biggest fear at Come in Character today. I thought I'd share her answer here.

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Like most phobia's mine has a medical term -- hypnagogia. Sleep paralysis. Long ago it was called Old Hag's syndrome. But if you've experienced what I'm talking about, then you know it's not a condition, not a syndrome. If you've stared into the glowing red eyes of a shadow being, you know the paralysis comes from without and not within.

If you're like me, you probably know all there is to know about shadows.

 A shadow is the mirror image projection of an opaque object positioned between a light source and a reflective surface.

A shadow is an area that is totally unilluminated.

Moving shadows are a personification, a misperception. A moving object causing rapid change in projected length generates the impression of a shadow moving or following an object.

A shadow is an impenetrable absence. An acoustic shadow is a place sound can’t touch. There are rain shadows. And there are shadows, voids, only love can cast.

Shadows have three parts: antumbra, pentumbra, umbra(the darkest part). Not all shadows are shadows.

Character from The Mesmerist's Tale and The Shadow's Tale (works in progress)


Conference Call by Kelly Jamieson

COnference Call

My talented crit partner, Kelly Jamieson, has a new release and you're going to love this story. Here's an excerpt:

Conference Call
Copyright © KELLY JAMIESON, 2010

The two men sat there, saying nothing. Noah played with his fork. Shaun drained his wine glass.

“Well,” Noah said.

“So,” Shaun said.

They glanced at each other, then away. Then Noah sighed. “Kenzie’s a sweetheart. She doesn’t deserve two assholes acting like idiots.”

“You’re right,” Shaun bit out. “So stop acting like one.”

“Me! Hey, I’m trying to make an effort here. You could do the same.”

Shaun blew out a breath. “Yeah, okay. Sorry, man. It’s just...Kenzie’s a pretty special friend.”

Noah eyed him, jealousy like a rock in his gut. “I gather you two are more than just friends.”

Shaun grinned, then at Noah’s stern look, sobered. “Yeah, we hooked up a couple of years ago. We kept in touch, but it’s not anything serious.”

“Then why the hell are you acting like you own her?”

 “Why are you?” Shaun lifted his chin in a challenge and Noah grimaced.

“Hell if I know,” he muttered. His reaction to Shaun showing up surprised him too. He wasn’t sure what he’d wanted to happen tonight. He’d been looking forward to seeing Kenzie, despite telling himself this was business, but from the moment her soft curves had collided into him, he’d been hot for her. He knew it wasn’t a good idea to get involved with a colleague, but...

It wasn’t like it never happened. Merritt had no rules about relationships between employees and the truth was there were lots of married couples who worked together at Merritt. There were also lots of divorced couples, but he’d only known one situation where the divorce was so bitter that they’d had to move the couple to different teams. Then Julie had hacked into her ex-husband’s e-mail and started sending offensive memos to senior executives. She’d been pretty good at covering her tracks, but really, she should have known in a business full of software specialists someone was going to be able to figure out who did it.

Anyway, he knew he should keep things strictly business, but hell, the truth was, he wanted to fuck Kenzie’s brains out. He got hard just at the thought. Then this guy had shown up, pissing him off. His insides burned with thoughts of Kenzie with Shaun.

“Look, I like her too,” he said. “I don’t know her very well, but I was hoping to get to know her better while we’re here. And then you came along and...”

Shaun shrugged. “Not my fault. I didn’t even know she was going to be here. Can’t help it if she likes me.” He grinned.
Noah resisted the urge to punch him. They were both silent for a moment, looking down at their plates.

“So,” Shaun said slowly. “You want her. I want her. What are we going to do about it?”

They looked at each other. “Pistols at dawn?” Noah suggested dryly. Shaun laughed. “Wait, I know. Arm wrestling. Go on over there.” He nodded to Kenzie’s chair. “We can wrestle for her.”

“A couple of software geeks arm wrestling.” Shaun guffawed. “We might as well thumb wrestle.”

“Hey,” Noah said, offended. “I work out.” He tightened his biceps.

“So do I.” Shaun folded his arms across his chest and leaned back in his chair. “I was making a joke.”

Again, silence. No way was Noah going to bow out. He might have struggled with his conscience on the way here, told himself he had to stay professional, but now that he’d seen Kenzie, now that he knew she was even sweeter than he remembered, he had no intention of giving her up.

Apparently Shaun felt the same.

“There is a way we both can win,” Shaun said slowly, lowering his arms to the armrests of his chair.

Noah waited. And waited. “Okay, what?”

“How about we both have her?”

Noah stared at him. Huh? “What? Like me tonight, you tomorrow night?” He curled his lip. “She’s not a doll we can just pass around.”

“No. I mean, we both have her...tonight.”

Noah’s brows shot up. “You mean...” Shaun couldn’t mean what he thought he meant. He eyed Shaun uncertainly.

“A threesome,” Shaun said. He lifted one shoulder. “You, me and Kenzie.”

“Uh...” Noah was stunned speechless. Jesus.

It wasn’t like he’d never had a threesome before. There’d been that time with the Taylor twins—Christ, that’d been hot—and he’d had his share of fantasies about three in a bed. But in his mind it was always him and two girls.

Was Shaun gay? Bi?

He was still waiting for Noah to say something.

“I’m straight,” Noah blurted.

Shaun grinned. “Don’t worry, dude, it’s not you I’m interested in. We can just concentrate on making Kenzie feel good.”

Oh, yeah. He could get into that. He shook his head, still hardly believing they were having this conversation. “You know, Kenzie might not be up for that.”

Shaun’s knowing smile taunted him. “I think she might