Are e-books already old school?

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The time went by so fast. I thought the e-books' day had finally arrived. I turn around -- it's past?

You thought e-reader technology was changing monthly -- check out digital books.

Here's a few of the new species of books that are appearing as e-books go mainstream. Some are interactive novels, some books plus game and some...I don't know how to classify.

Interactive Novel: Cathy's Book-- the online  interactive novel has been around for awhile, but the  iPhone app is new. Love this author's voice.

We have book-game mashups: 

Harlequin Presents: Hidden Objects of Desire free demo version comes with a Harlequin novel to download.

We have Facebook apps centered apps games that are spin-offs from novels:The Pirate's Journey from Angie Fox to promote her Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers.

Orchid Games brings us  Heartwild Solitaire in several versions. You play solitaire to win the next chapter in a story. This one's addictive.

This morning I found two more offerings that I haven't had the chance to play yet. I may not sleep tonight.

Jude Deveraux's Vook: Promises

and Nora Roberts' Vision in White

Some of these do a better job of merging the interactivity of story than others. I'd say some are more game than book at this point, but with every release I see them move closer to true reading immersion. A process noticeably evident in the Progression of the Heartwild Solitaire Games. Cathy's book is more book than game with the interactive elements less interactive. Give one a try and let me know what you think.  I can't wait to crack open that Vook.

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  1. Nara, I'm way behind the curve on this immersion tech... but, I've certainly imagined the concepts... cool!

  2. How cool! I'm going to be checking some of these out. I don't think they can ever replace curling up in bed at night with a book but still, they look fun!

  3. I'm behind the door on all of this - have to do something about it.

  4. Hi Nara,
    Thanks for mentioning objects of desire and vision in white. I love to play hidden object games. I'll be checking them out. GameZebo had an article that said the wizard of oz hidden object game would be released soon. it comes with an ebook of wizard of oz.that should be fun.you are right about heartwild solitaire.it is very addictive.

  5. I don't think e-books are old-school. Personally, I don't want to play a game or watch a video when I read a book. For me they are all seperate. I love your site by the way.

  6. I don't like having my books mixed up with games. One or the other at a time for me. I want to be able to totally immerse my self in the characters and know what the storyline is doing for them. You can't get a look inside their thoughts and emotions with video like you can with words. And having to do other things involving the games in between chapters or scenes would definitely interrupt the flow of the story for me.


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