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I like keeping my secrets,
tucking my thoughts away.
It is so easy with you,
keeping my shades drawn.
I can listen, ask, and never tell.

But then in a moment,
a brief glance up,
I’m captive.
Your eyes search every shadow, every secret.
I freeze, hypnotized,
until you look down and set me free.

You'll find other contributions to the Friday 55 on G-Man's blog
He has a great tribute posted this week. Drop by for a look.


  1. wonderful 55. it takes just the right person to break down the barriers setting us free to be ourselves. hope you have a great year!

    my 55 is up!

  2. Nara....?
    WOW!!! What an AWESOME 55 My Dear.
    I hope you found this creative and fun.
    Please join us again next Friday.
    Have a Kick Ass 2010.....G

  3. Fun to discover a new 55 participant. Your secrets are safe with me.

  4. Wow! And what an awesome photo! Thanks for visiting mine. BTW...The Wii is truly not worth it. Also, everyone who has commented on your page so far, from what I can tell, are loyal 55 writers who will support you as you write new pieces every week. Visit mine every week and I'll visit yours too :) Happy New Years!


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