Shadow Journey

David Paul Ohmer: Chicago - Michigan Avenue Bridge Steps "Railing Shadows"

We started where most lovers do --
that starry-eyed place lit by candles.
Our tongues mapped each other's bodies.

Next time,
his teeth stenciled a crescent moon.
Color rose, red to violet.

Next time,
the marks were stripes
light and dark, side by side, a repeating pattern,
a codependency.

Dark giving birth to light.

This is my contribution to the Friday 55 at G-man's blog. He has a great "Flash" this week. See what he and the other Friday 55 Flashers have done here.

Mr. Knowitall


  1. wow. you brought the heat this week. nice done 55.

    mine is up!

  2. That's awesome, Nara, as usual! And I love the images you choose to accompany your work.

  3. This was very sensual. I loved the imagery. Great 55! Thans for visiting mine :)

  4. kinky 55. My 55 is HERE.

  5. As usual, very descriptive and most erotic. I can visualize it all.

  6. WOW!!!!
    Powerful 55!!!
    Great job!

  7. An S/M 55?
    Thank You Mistress Nara, may I please have another one?
    This was Perfect....
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End....G

  8. You have a mastery of the tension in a relationship and imagery that allows the mind to wander and create details in it's musing.

    very very good.


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