Friday Flash 55: Black Fruit

Flickr Photo Download: Black and White Blueberries

Your seeds are the germ of desires
too dark to share, and so they're left on ice:
never to blossom, go to fruit, go back to seed.

The seeds are locked away in a vault,
in an icebound cave,
and there they will stay.

It's a shame.
You could have sown those fantasies
in me.

This is an old project I rewrote as flash fiction for G-man's Friday Flash 55. He's got a great flash this week and so do his other contributors. Drop by for more great reading.


  1. whew. what a loss...this one gave me chills at missed opportunities. nicely done 55.

    mine is up!

  2. Oh but they are laying dormant...
    Waiting to be appreciated by someone that knows it's TRUE Beauty and Power!
    Excellent 55 Nara!!
    Thank you so much for this little GEM!
    And please, have a Kick Ass Week-End...G


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